21 Reasons to Go on a Dating Cleanse

For as long as I can remember, I have entertained friends, family members, and acquaintances with the humorous details of my dating life. Whenever anyone asks me, “So are you dating anyone?,” I usually answer with a juicy story that involves a handsome firefighter and a wine-soaked adventure or a charming golf pro and a crazy pub crawl. However, I recently ran into an old colleague, and when she asked me the obligatory dating question, my answer shocked her: “I’m not dating anyone. I’m on a self-imposed dating cleanse until 2016.” I’ve had enough rejection, heartbreak, and good first dates that lead nowhere for now, so I’m taking a break. Choosing to refrain from dating is a great way of letting go—as a detox is about getting rid of unhealthy habits and emotions—and after your cleanse, you can start out fresh with hopefully a new attitude on finding The One. Wondering if you’re in need of a cleanse? Here are 21 signs it’s time to take a dating detox.

  1. You’ve just gotten out of a relationship and you need a break.
  2. You’re heartbroken and need time to heal.
  3. You’ve been in six mini relationships so far this year, and none of them were successful.
  4. You’ve become jaded and bitter about finding love.
  5. You can’t bear the thought of another awful Tinder date.
  6. You’re depressed.
  7. You’ve been sleeping with a partner you like for months, and you’ve realized he or she is never going to commit to you, and that you'll never be more than bed buddies.
  8. You're mean to the people you're dating. 
  9. Your ex cheated on you, and you don’t feel like you can trust anyone.
  10. The same uninteresting people keep popping up on your dating apps, and you’re over it.
  11. Every time you go out, you run into an ex.
  12. You feel like there is no one left for you to date.
  13. You’re still hung up on your ex.
  14. You’re going through a low self-esteem phase.
  15. You don’t know what you’re looking for in a partner.
  16. You’re dealing with personal issues and not ready to commit to anyone.
  17. Your little sister just got engaged, and instead of being excited for her, you cried because she’s getting married before you.
  18. You’re obsessed with Internet-stalking your exes.
  19. You have an STD.
  20. You’ve been on a bunch of first and second dates that were fun, but only ended up with the person ghosting you.
  21. You've been on a bunch of first and second dates that were fun, but you ended up ghosting the people.

What to do when you’re on a dating detox? Read a good magazine, start working out, write a gratitude journal, or paint your nails.

Have you ever gone on a dating detox?