The De-Stressing Products You Probably Aren't Using, but Should

Updated 09/29/17

Wake Up The Natural Way

Philips Wake-Up Light with Sunrise Simulation $90

Start your day peacefully. Sunrise simulation wakes you up in the most natural way, gradually mimicking a rising sun and eliminating the stresses of a jolting alarm clock sound. 

Have a Restful Sleep

Hum Nutrition Beauty Zzz $10

Melatonin supplements help promote a more restful sleep, and they're a light, healthy alternative to drowsy sleeping pills. If stress keeps you up at night, this might help you wind down. 

Black Out at Night

Slip Silk Silk Eye Mask $40

Wake up feeling rested and refreshed with a smooth silk eye mask. While the mask helps you focus on your sleep, not  on the emails that are popping up on your phone, the silk provides a soft cooling sensation to help you relax.

Harness the Power of Lavender

This Works I Have a Dream Set $139

De-stressing after a long day is all about having the right wind-down rituals. Erase traces of a hectic day with this set of lavender, vetiver, and camomile products. Relax to the smell of the candle; pamper yourself with the night oil and cream. When you're ready for bed, spritz it on your pillow for a truly restorative slumber.

De-Stress With Bath Salts

African Botanics Kalahari Desert De-Tox Bath Salts $75

Classics never fail—and long soaking bath to relieve stress is always a winner. These African bath salts are at once calming and nourishing. It will help your body relax by relieving muscular tension and create a sense of well-being and calm.

Two Dollars Well Spent

Forever 21 Head Massager $2

Have you ever met someone who isn't completely relaxed by the sweet tingling of a head massager? Whether it's scientifically backed as a stress-reliever or not, it sure is instantly relaxing.

Drift Off Into Dreamland

David's Tea Sweet Dreams Organic Herbal Tea $8

This herbal tea by David's Tea contains sleep-inducing ingredients only: chamomile, lemongrass, hibiscus, and rose petals. It will help you wind down at night, so you can slip into a blissful deep sleep.

Practice Mindfulness

Tiddy Rowan The Little Book of Mindfulness $10

Calm your mind with mindfulness techniques can help you focus on the present moment, and to let go of distracting thoughts. Learning to pay attention to what's around you instead of what's in your head can help reduce stress on a daily basis.

Keep Your Head Clear

Hum Nutrition Big Chill Supplements $25

Rhodiola, an herb commonly used in northern Europe, helps the body deal with stressful situations (like harsh winters). When taken daily, it can help the body cope with stressful situations and lower mental fatigue.

Slip Into Deep Sleep

Slip Silk Pillow Case $80

Get your beauty sleep, and wake up feeling refreshed. Silk pillowcases are better for your skin, your hair, and your hydration levels, meaning that you'll wake up feeling more refreshed in the morning. The better your morning and nighttime routines, the less stressed you'll feel when starting your day.

Instill a Peaceful Ambiance

NARS 'Oran' Candle $50

Not all candles are created equal, but citrus scents, are known to be invigorating, and great for relieving anxiety and stress. If you want to de-stress without necessarily slipping into a deep slumber, this Nars candle should help you wind down while keeping you awake.

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