10 Affordable Destinations to Visit Now

Although traveling can be super expensive, with a little know-how, it doesn’t have to break the bank. Save by purchasing plane tickets on certain days of the week and choosing cities that are currently experiencing a drop in airfare prices. Kayak, the hotel and flight booking website, has crunched the numbers and found the top 10 destination deals. These are cities where the average cost of a round-trip ticket has come down in price in the past 12 months. For example, a round-trip flight to Hong Kong is 26% cheaper than it was in 2015.

David Solomito, Kayak’s director of brand marketing, told Money that the prices have dropped in each of the cities for differing reasons: “A stronger American dollar had made a trip to Hong Kong (and many of the destinations in Asia) cheaper. On the other hand, competition between low-cost carriers like Frontier and Spirit helped bring down the price of flights to Cleveland, which is No. 3 on the Kayak list, with the average flight there 22% cheaper than in 2015.” Wondering where bargain hunters will be visiting this year? Here are the 10 most affordable destinations to visit now.

  1. Hong Kong
  2. Dallas
  3. Cleveland
  4. Chicago
  5. Atlanta
  6. Tel Aviv
  7. Beijing
  8. Manila
  9. Bangkok
  10. Athens

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Are you planning on traveling to any of the cities on this list?