How Debi Mazar and Gabriele Corcos Do Breakfast in Bed

Actress Debi Mazar and her Italian husband Gabriele Corcos know a thing or two about romance. Through their show Extra Virgin on the Cooking Channel, Mazar and Corcos invite viewers into their home to share not only their passion for Tuscan food, but also their passion for each other. "A few years ago Debi went the extra mile to throw me a fantastic evening. I took care of dinner, while she took over the bedroom," Corcos shares. "Once dinner was over, we retreated, champagne in hand, toward the bedroom which Debi had decorated with hundreds of candles and rose petals scattered all over the room. It was simply fantastic." Though well-versed in the art of armour, for the down-to-earth couple, sometimes real life gets in the way. "Unfortunately, the rose petals completely stained our Italian Frette sheets, which we had received as a wedding gift," Carcos says. "We ended up having to throw them away." Knowing their storybook romance is firmly grounded in reality, we asked for their advice for preparing a romantic, but mess-free, breakfast in bed for your loved one. _1
valentines "You can't deliver breakfast in bed without a note and fresh flowers, that is rule number one," the couple says. "As simple as the concept of breakfast in bed can be, there is so much that can go into the preparation of a nice Valentine's Day tray. A light, fresh, and well thought-out menu can jumpstart a truly glorious and romantic day." Happy Valentine's Day Heart Card, $5, Rifle Paper Co. 
coffee "For special occasions that call for breakfast in bed, we love to prepare our favorite shortbread which includes ground coffee," Mazar and Corcos share. "Other favorite dishes include eggs with toast and truffle butter, smoked fish, fresh blood orange juice, and definitely something chocolate." Above all though, to this couple, coffee is essential. "We love Lavazza coffee," Mazar shares. "It's an amazing Italian brand that reminds my husband of home and gives off the sexiest aroma while brewing." Lavazza Classico Coffee, $8, Lavazza
tray "Keeping it clean and easy to enjoy is very important," the couple shares. "Never fill your glasses to the top. We always use a tray for dry goods like eggs, cookies, or cake, and a separate tray for our coffee." In addition to using multiple lightweight trays, the couple recommends being prepared. "Debi also likes to bring a few vintage kitchen cloths into bed - there's no shame in wanting to protect your sheets from the occasional spill." Keeping it clean doesn't mean you have to skimp on thoughtful touches. "If you are preparing flowers, place a single small flower on the tray, as opposed to in a budvase with water," Mazar says. "This way, you avoid having one more element to balance while enjoying your breakfast." DwellStudio Labyrinth Tray, $148, Arcadian Home
_new For more on Mazar and Corcos click here and to see the couple and their two daughters navigate their busy lives while eating well, watch Extra Virgin. What are your favorite dishes to make for breakfast in bed? Let us know in the comments. Photographs: Courtesy of  House of Ernest and Lavazza Coffee.