Mercury Is in Retrograde This Month—Here's What It Means for You

At MyDomaine, we want to prepare you for all of life’s challenges, and what better way to do that than by getting some foresight from the stars? Each month, we’ll be bringing you your horoscope along with a power product to help you get through the month, handpicked by our resident horoscope expert Amelia Quint. If you’re changing careers, moving into a new home, or getting married, consider yourself in good hands. Ahead, Quint shares what to expect this month—and what you’ll need to get through it.



Original Illustration by Stephanie DeAngelis

This month, we’re shifting from free-spirited Sagittarius into disciplined Capricorn. When the sun enters Capricorn on December 21, the stars show you how to incorporate the daring new items and ideas you collected earlier this month into your everyday life. Your best bet? Never stop exploring, but give your adventures have a practical goal. Capricorn is a pro at climbing the social ladder, so you’ll have Sagittarian confidence on your side when you decide to make a power move.

You’ll get your first taste of that ambition when the communication planet—Mercury—enters Capricorn on December 2, but you should probably wait to act on it. Mercury retrograde begins two weeks later, on December 19, so expect a few professional misunderstandings. Luckily, Venus enters Aquarius on December 7, ensuring your devices run a little more smoothly than during your average Mercury retrograde. Plus, Mars enters Pisces the same day, giving you a creative or spiritual outlet for your frustration. Just be careful what—and whom—you text, because Pisces can encourage out-of-character behavior from even the most rational among us! That’s especially true under the Gemini full moon on December 13, when your communication habits are put into the spotlight. Try turning off social media and connecting with your kindred spirits IRL if you can.

There’ll be plenty to talk about around the holiday table, as Saturn in Sagittarius syncs with Uranus in Aries on December 24, or Christmas Eve. Saturn is highly traditional, but in outspoken Sagittarius, he’s willing to open up to optimistic ideals—especially if passionate about them. On December 26, the day after Christmas, Jupiter in Libra opposes Uranus, so the truce may not be long-lived. Jupiter has a tendency to overestimate, so make sure you have plenty of food, spending cash, and patience if you decide to shop the sales in person. That tension builds until December 29, when the Capricorn new moon clears the air. Uranus retrograde ends the same day, and the planet’s forward motion could bring a few surprises along with it. My advice? Keep your eyes on the prize. It’s easier to keep going when things get weird if you know exactly what you’re working toward!