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13 Gorgeous Deck Furniture Ideas to Help Design Your Dream Backyard

outdoor furniture ideas

Michelle Berwick Design

It's easy to pick out furniture for the spaces in your home that you sit in and live with every day. But, unless you spent all winter staring out the window, choosing deck furniture can be a bit trickier. 

Deck furniture can be practical and tasteful, like pieces that can withstand fierce winds and fiercer children. Think: plastic Adirondack chairs that will last to the end of summer and seemingly the end of mankind. But, deck furniture ideas can also be whimsical, romantic, and as breathtaking as any grand interior piece.  

Start with a list of design elements and furniture styles you like—not what you've been told has to go in a yard—and work from there. You can figure out how to make it feasible for the outdoors, and your home won't look cookie-cutter.

Browse the 14 gorgeous deck furniture ideas and tips below to help you get started. 

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Create Staggered Moments With Different Heights

deck furniture ideas


If you love to entertain, you want to be able to fit as many seats onto your deck as possible. That doesn't mean you want to look out and see a forest of chairs. Such clunky and monotonous setups will kill your vibe, anyways. 

Work with different types of seating at a variety of heights to create intimate moments and help people lean back and relax.

Floor cushions on a classic woven rug are an easy way to add comfort and color when you're expecting guests, and they look great when contrasted with hanging egg chairs.

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Add a Mirror to Open Things Up

deck furniture ideas


Putting a mirror outside might not be your first thought, but it's a simple way to add visual interest while opening up a tiny deck. Just make sure it's firmly secured to the wall and not at risk of any windy day mishaps with the umbrella. 

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Add Contrasting Textures

deck furniture ideas


If everything on your deck is hard, sleek, and modern, look for ways to bring in softness and texture. This apartment patio instantly feels sunnier and inviting with the addition of a green turf rug, and the rounded edges of the chaise lounge, and chair cushions add coziness to the sky-high glass deck.

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Add a Practical Coffee Table

deck furniture ideas

Pure Salt Interiors

If it's a tight squeeze to fit a coffee table onto your deck, save your knees the bruises and opt for a low, unobtrusive pebble table. You won't feel cutoff from your conversation partners, and you won't have to shimmy every time you want a refill—or do, it's your party.

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Go Tonal

deck furniture ideas


It's the more the merrier when it comes to shades of pink on the patio roof of this Beachwood Canyon penthouse by Dazey Den. From the chairs to the pillows to the stucco walls, the different colors feel fun but united. This is a great trick if you want to stick to one color, but don't want a matchy-matchy floor model feel.

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Give Everyone a Place to Rest (Their Drinks)

deck furniture ideas


Small side tables are a mighty design choice that let's everyone have their own drink holder while keeping a space open and airy. The mix of patterns in the throw pillows and tables here also feels comfortable yet lively.

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Mix DIY with Statement Furniture

deck furniture ideas


Without even going into the price of lumber right now, outdoor furniture made out of pallets can be youthful and cool, and these pieces become elevated and witty when paired with more organic or vintage pieces, like this woven chaise lounge.

Trust us. The act of pairing a reworked commercial material with bohemian furniture will make you look like a true design professional to all of your Instagram followers.

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Hang Up a Statement Light

deck furniture ideas

Desiree Burns Interiors

We do love strings of fairly lights, but it's hard to beat the 'wow' factor of a big, gorgeous outdoor pendant light. Just imagine late dinners al fresco under its warm glow. Committing to one big light also lets you stay minimal with your other design choices, if you're in a rush to ready your deck for summer fun.

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Don't Distract From the View

deck furniture ideas


We guarantee your guests won't be paying much attention to your furniture if you have a view like this, so you go minimalistic and opt for low, short chairs. Add throw pillows and a corner plant for personality and enjoy nature's beauty. 

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Stick to a Color Scheme

outdoor furniture ideas

Michelle Berwick Design

Traditional deck furniture with a slightly nautical look is always a good idea, especially for lake homes. Using the same print on the lounges and both the lounge throw pillows and the chair pillows establishes continuity, and navy weathers stains and fading well. 

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Treat It Like a Private Restaurant

outdoor furniture ideas


Make dinners at home more magical this summer and pull out all of the stops—linen napkins, floral centerpieces, and ceramic dinnerware. This coastal deck mixes neutral whites and grays and uses natural elements, such as the potted palm plant and hanging pendants, for a simple yet stunning effect. 

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Hang Up the Couch

outdoor furniture ideas


Hanging chairs, gliding benches, wooden porch swings—these are all somewhat commonplace in the outdoor furniture game. A swinging cushioned couch attached to a shiplap roof by thick roping though? That's a bolder choice—and a more comfortable one, too.

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Keep Things Orderly

outdoor sectional

Jenn Pablo Studio

An outdoor sectional creates a lot of seating without taking up too much room, and it's a perfect choice for a small deck or patio. Place it in the corner, pile on the pillows, and you're ready to entertain. Note how the butterfly chairs and rounded pots nicely contrast the straight lines of this sectional, too.