Do This 60-Minute Task, and You'll Be One Step Closer to a More Organized Home

Updated 01/05/18
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With the New Year comes a burning desire to start fresh—especially in the home. Whether you're looking to redecorate, refurbish, or simply declutter, every project requires a specific plan of action to make it a reality. That's according to Apartment Therapy, which is spearheading an initiative called The January Cure to help readers reset their homes in 2018.

"As much as you want your home to be a better, happier place, you have to understand that it takes work to get there," the site writes. "Much of the work is just planning—deciding what to do and committing to when to do it." Step one is to simply walk through your home for one hour and take an inventory of all the spots that could use some cleaning, decluttering, or reorganizing. The site recommends organizing your list by room, starting with the front door, and doing a thorough inspection of each space.

"When your tour is complete, look at your list and highlight a few key areas from each room (three to five is ideal) that you plan to focus on in the year ahead," it adds. "These should be the spots that will make the biggest impact on the look and use of the room as a whole when they are improved." From there, you can create a list of projects by room, highlighting the three to five most important tasks to focus on first.

The idea here is to create a plan of action for your home—it's the equivalent of outlining an essay before you start writing. "The intention is not for everything on your list to be completed this month," it explains. "You are really just assessing your home in full right now, creating a master plan of goals, both short and long term, to work on over the coming year, throughout 2018."

How do you tackle your home projects? Share your strategies below, and read up on using feng shui for a happier, healthier home next.

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