5 Décor Mistakes People Always Make in Their Home

Updated 02/08/18
Peter Fehrentz

When it comes to decorating our homes, sometimes it can be difficult to become the capable interior stylist we wish we were. Sure, it's pretty obvious when a Persian rug just does not go with that gingham armchair, but sometimes it's the little things that aren't so obvious that can make a room feel not quite right. We may not notice them at first, but when someone points out the flaws in a space, we can actually see our errors more clearly.

From asking simple questions, to failing to address lighting, these small décor mistakes can have a big impact on the ambience and overall aesthetics of a room. We called on interior designer Rosie Gallen of Saint Eadie Design House to find out the most common faux pas people keep repeating and how to avoid them in the future. Because addressing them now will allow you to achieve interior design nirvana.

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Badlands Studio

"It sounds basic, but using a tape measure to measure out your space properly really does make a difference. There's nothing worse than a furniture piece being the elephant in the room—spaces should be made to feel beautiful, with a sense of air and maintain a natural flow. It pays to rationalise."


Mikkel Adsbol

"Be mindful about selecting paint colours. There's nothing nice about either a stark white clinical appearance or dark, gloomy and depressing hues that make you feel like you're perpetually cold. Colour can be powerful psychologically and can have an effect on how you feel once you enter a space. It's not boring to opt for neutral and calm colours that are timeless and classic. There's a reason they are used often—because they help to create a lovely feel when you enter the space.

"If you're feeling brave and wish to experiment with a bold colour, it's important to get it right. Take your time with the process instead of irrationally choosing a shade when in a state of impulse and having to live with an entirely maroon bathroom. A little goes a long way."


"Wherever possible, opt for warm lighting. Think large floor lamps and table lamps. They create a lovely ambience in the room. I rarely use my main light as I prefer the feeling associated within the lamps. The Danish are huge on this—so think hygge. Also, a lot of people make the mistake of installing a few too many downlights. Yes, downlights can be great, but there's no need to go for rows and rows of them in a kitchen or living room."

Sphere + Stem Floor Lamp
Serge Mouille Lampadaire Droit $5700


Katherine Carter

"Sure, a rubber leaf plant, or a lovely and healthy-looking fiddle leaf fig tree can be a nice addition to any room or household. But that doesn't mean you need to go for greenery galore and become the crazy cat lady for plants. Keep the greenhouses to what they are, greenhouses. Too many indoor plants can be an overkill."


"Art in all shapes and sizes is a wonderful thing. People love art in various forms and some people either love or hate a particular piece, but if you're in love with an artwork and wish to hang it—even in all its naked glory—go for it. You may be itching to get it hung, but do yourself a favour, and the artwork justice, by either hanging or placing it in a well-thought-out position."

Jai Vasicek Muse Black & Gold Collection, #5 $1100

Opening image: Badlands Studio

Have you made any of these décor mistakes? Take a look at how you can fix them just 15 minutes.

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