Tell Us Who You Are; We Will Tell You How to Decorate


Courtesy of Studio McGee

Finding décor inspiration is easy—most of us know to identify image we love from the ones we don't. But picking a décor style for your home is more complicated—after all, what we like isn't always in line with what we need or what is practical for our lifestyle. More often, our inspiration images aren't even cohesive with each other—and pinning a luxe Parisian apartment next to a bohemian bungalow can lead to a recipe for disaster.

There is another way to pinpoint a décor style that will suit your aesthetic leanings as much as your lifestyle—and it all starts with your personality. Do you self-identify as a type A? Do you have the travel bug? Are you a fan of Marie Kondo? Chances are your personality traits influence how you live in your home—and therefore how you pick your décor. Tell us what your personality is, and we will tell you how to decorate.