This Trend Is About to Be Huge—Here's How to Get the Look

A few months ago, an overwhelming number of interior designers predicted that true eclecticism would be one of the top trends to dominate homes everywhere in 2017. While we already know better than to purchase furniture in sets, it seems that when it comes to décor, we are still a little too concerned with making sure everything "matches"—but this is soon to be a thing of the past.

We won't see as many interiors that are entirely midcentury, bohemian, or nautical. Instead, homes will be feeling more eclectic and unexpected than ever. Interior designer Brian McCarthy gave us his forecast: "My crystal ball is showing less thematic interiors replaced with more layered, cultured, and eclectic combinations of architecture and design." 

While we all love the layered look—where all styles seem to effortlessly come together to form an elegant whole—achieving the look is far less easy. Just like some It girls seem to have a knack for wearing T-shirts over dresses, dresses over pants, and sneakers with sequins, some interior designers seem to be able to mix Italian Giò Ponti chairs with an 18th-century commode without breaking a sweat.

For others like us—who prefer wearing sneakers with jeans and dresses without pants, taking the leap into truly eclectic décor can be intimidating. To help you achieve this layered, cultured, and worldly look, we laid down some rules that will help you mix and match with ease. Let go of all your preconceived notions of periods and styles; this is how you achieve true eclecticism.

When mixing different periods and styles, keeping a neutral or monochrome color palette gives the space a coherent theme. In his apartment, interior designer Charlie Ferrer mixed contemporary chairs with an antique console and a vintage rug, but because all the pieces are in shades of cream, camel, and warm wood, the space feels put-together and elegant.