2 Designers Share the Décor You Should Ditch in Your 30s (and What to Invest In)

Turning the big 3-0 comes with an almost palpable set of pressures. Unlike earlier milestone birthdays, the start of the third decade has traditionally symbolized a goal-post of adulthood, where careers and relationships and finances converge to either showcase success or hint at failure. There are plenty of arguments to the contrary, of course, especially since everyone's path is different. But even if you agree that this age shouldn't be filled with so many expectations, it's tough to shake the feeling that it should mean something.

So, instead of confronting the traditional pressures of 30, why not consider the more casual ways in which this new decade can feel like a fresh start? Updating furniture is one of the quickest and most fulfilling options since you likely have at least some control over which furnishings come and go in your home. We asked two top designers, Jesse DeSanti and Katie Hodges, for their advice on which items to reconsider—for instance, a college futon and a ripped poster of Breakfast at Tiffany's—and what to replace them with as you move past this birthday milestone.

Not only will this particular change in scenery make you feel like an "adult," but it'll also prove what this third decade should really be about: Embracing the person you are at this stage of life.