5 Ways to Spruce Up Your Guest Room for the Holidays

Updated 03/13/17

So you’re hosting friends from out of town over the holidays, and their arrival date inches closer each day. Chances are the first thing you thought (after saying yes, of course) was Wait, where do I put them? But worrying won’t help you whip up a game plan for arranging the guest room of their dreams, which is what The Citizenry is here to show you today, with globally curated home goods that are artisan-crafted (and easy on the wallet).

Keep reading for tips and must-have pieces for creating the guest bedroom of your their dreams.

The bed is the deal-breaker for guests; the more inviting it is, the more inclined they are to stay (though hopefully not forever!). Outfit it with clean and crisp sheets, and accessorize with a mix of pillows in different patterns and sizes. Toss on an accent throw for that effortless final touch.

After the “let me know if you need anything” is uttered and the door is shut, it’s natural for the exploration to start. Keep personal effects and delicate tchotchkes to a minimum—you don't want to share too much, plus it gives your guests the freedom to make themselves at home with their own personal items. But don’t keep the room bare, either! Place a stack of magazines and small bowls out on the dresser for easy access.

There is such a thing as sleeping with too many pillows or not having enough towels, so you should consider how functional and convenient to make this for your guests. To make things stress-free, keep a basket in the bedroom and bathroom for storing the extra pillows and towels.

A simple and budget-friendly way to add life to a room is with freshly cut flowers and plants. They immediately relax the atmosphere and make your guests feel welcome. Remember to choose unscented blooms so the air in the room doesn’t become overpowering or stuffy. 

Privacy is key for a guest bedroom, and a thoughtful way to let your guests know that your space is theirs is by designating a corner in the room for leisure. Whether it’s for catching up on the latest best seller, taking personal calls, or just enjoying some alone time, a cozy yet cool chair, pillow, and side table are all you need to make this moment in the room stand out to your visitors.

What tips do you have for the first-time host? Tell us in the comments below. 

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