40,000 Interior Designers Agree—These Are the Biggest Trends in 2018

Updated 01/23/18
Sarah Sherman Samuel

The start of a new year always sparks a conversation about trend predictions among home décor experts, but few are as equipped to share their picks as 1stdibs. The global marketplace recently tapped its extensive network of roughly 40,000 interior designers to find out which trends they believe are on the rise—and which to retire now. 

"1stdibs is fortunate to have 40,000 of the most talented interior designers take part in our trade program," said Sarah Liebel, GM of the 1stdibs Trade Program. "This group is responsible for putting together some of the most beautiful spaces throughout the world." Here's what the tastemakers had to say about 2018's top trends:

Trends on the Rise

1. Warm, bright colors: 26% of designers said more color, warmer tones, and brighter shades are on the rise. Jewel tones top the list again, with shades of teal, eggplant, and emerald green the number one choices. 

2. Velvet and stone: Brushed metals, velvet, and stone are on the rise. 

3. Geometric patterns and florals: 24% mentioned geometric patterns as a top trend, while 32% believe florals will remain strong in 2018. 

Trends to Retire

1. Minimalism: "While modern design maintains popularity, designers report expecting to see more complexity in both color and details come into vogue versus the minimalist style (down 3% from 2017) we've seen recently," 1stdibs says. 

2. Millennial Pink: The once-popular shade of blush is on the way out. 

3. Brass: Most designers predict brass finishes will fall out of favor. 

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