This Is How NYC Girls Make a Tiny Apartment Feel Like a Mansion

When I started apartment hunting in New York City, I thought I had pretty realistic expectations. All I wanted was a true one bedroom apartment with plenty of natural light, a bathroom that's far from the bedroom, and enough room to entertain every now and then—is that too much to ask for? Just one hour into the search and I realized that I might as well have asked for a West Village duplex for $1000 a month. Every apartment we saw had its quirk: Awkwardly shaped living rooms, kitchens that barely qualify, bathrooms with uneven flooring… you name it, we saw it.

So, when we walked into a "junior one bed" that ticked all the boxes, we signed on the dotted line. The issue? It was tiny. Determined not to be disheartened, I turned to colleagues, friends, and neighbors to find out how they made their small spaces feel larger (or just more livable). As it turns out, New Yorkers are a resourceful bunch, and where there's a will, there's a way.

Here are some of the smartest small-space decorating tips I learned from people who live in tiny apartments (and still love it).