The Most Important Piece of Decorating Advice for Renters

These days, renting is not only for urban-dwelling 20-somethings. In fact, according to The New York Times, more Americans than ever are adopting a more temporary mode of habitation. Homeownership rates have been falling for eight consecutive years. Last January, it was reported that a person in the United States is expected to relocate an average of 11.4 times in their lifetime. The average 30-year-old will have moved six times in their lives thus far.

Needless to say, the time is nigh to perfect the art of budget-friendly relocation. After all, very few of us can afford to simply start from scratch every time we sign a new lease. According to interior designer Nina Etnier, the most important advice she can give to renters is to shop small.

"I wouldn't invest a lot in things that you can't take with you," Etnier told Tech Insider reporter Drake Baer. Accent pieces, like "a beautiful side table, a nice dresser, coffee tables—pieces that are going to work wherever you land" are smart investments for adding style to your temporary space. Opt for more budget-friendly versions of those bulky items: the midcentury console and sectional sofa you're eyeing, for example. Then splurge a bit on the pieces that can easily travel with you from space to space. There's something quite upsetting and wasteful-feeling about having to sell or donate a piece you spent tons of money on (and love!) because your new pad simply can't possibly accommodate it. Another Etnier-approved recommendation for renter-friendly home décor choices? Framed art. 

So, whether you're planning to move soon or not, the takeaway is clear. Shop for quality pieces, yes, but shop for quality pieces that you won't have to strand every time you move. Sound advice if we've ever heard it.

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Do you rent? How do you strategize at decorating your temporary space?