10 Frustrations Only the Design-Obsessed Will Understand

There are little things that come up from time to time in the world of décor and design that are just straight up bummers. While most individuals may not think twice about a slightly off kilter photograph or how their throw is placed on their sofa, for some of us, these little annoyances are tiny triggers for minor freak-outs. Read on for ten irksome situations that only the design-obsessed will understand.


The ongoing quest to make sure all the frames in your epic gallery wall hang straight. _2 When the investment rug you absolutely love turns out to have a pile too high for your door's swing to clear. _3 Being incorrectly labeled as a lush even though most of the bottles in your bar are purely for show. _4 Navigating the extra-large shopping carts at Ikea. Whether you've had a few drinks or none at all, you definitely feel tipsy dealing with those guys. _5 The amount of time required to get the perfect, "effortless" drape of your throw over the side of your sofa. _6 Ceiling fans: necessary, but so rarely attractive. _7 Finally found a large-scale fantastic piece of art for over your sofa? The studs in your drywall don't align well to hang it centered. _8 Unsightly lamp, computer, and TV cords. _9 Throw-pillow-fluffing exhaustion from the constant pursuit of the perfect plump. _10 Your bedroom is burning up (probably because you took down your ceiling fan) but you couldn't dare forgo your beautiful duvet for a lightweight blanket. So, tell us: what's a design-related annoyance that totally irks you? Share in the comments below. Photograph: Jenny Komenda (designer and source)