The 10-Step Guide to Decorating Any Space

Sonia Simpfendorfer is the creative director of Australian interior design studio Nexus Designs.

There are surprisingly simple, practical principles behind the most successful interiors. There’s a difference between creating spaces that work really hard for you and those that just look really pretty. Creating great interiors starts with a piece of paper and a pen, not a color swatch. Getting the decision-making sequence right is crucial, or you might face a tortuous design experience rather than an enjoyable one. So how do professional designers navigate the furniture, finishes, and fixtures available to create cohesive, delightful interiors? Well, no two interiors or clients are the same, but after almost five decades in high-end residential design, we at Nexus have refined our design process to work in any situation. If you’re overwhelmed by where to start or can’t figure out what really matters, here’s a guide to get you from confused to calm.