Are You Making These Rookie Decorating Mistakes?

Unless you’re a seasoned interior designer with decades of experience, chances are you’ve made a decorating faux pas or two. Maybe you purchased a sofa without measuring it first or hung a pendant light too high (hello, unflattering under-eye bags). Maybe you purchased a rug that was too small for your space or hung your curtains too low. Whatever it is, we've never met someone who didn't fail at decorating at least once.

While there is a large amount of gray area when it comes to decorating—and we are certainly proponents of breaking décor rules—there are certain mistakes that are just plain awkward and easily avoidable. Thankfully, it only takes a quick fix to take these mistakes from looking off to feeling just right. Let’s vouch to never make these décor faux pas again, starting today. From floating a small rug to not making your bed, here are nine easy-fix décor blunders you should resolve to solve this week.