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I Keep Mentally Decorating My Dream Home —Here's What It Looks Like

Cozy neutral Scandi bedroom.

True Home

A home décor lover without a home of her own—have you ever heard a sadder tale? Each day at work, I get to live vicariously through the gorgeous homes set before me on MyDomaine, and later I  dramatically sigh as I long to create one of these perfectly curated spaces.

Though people tend to decide on furniture and accessories after actually moving into a new home, we design enthusiasts understand the thrill of amazing interiors and love to stare longingly at beautiful homes for inspiration. This in itself brings lots of joy, even when we aren't able to put any of the inspirational ideas into practice. 

There is nothing wrong with giving thought to your dreams and goals—I like to believe it only makes them feel more within reach. 

Despite the fact that I am not a proud homeowner yet—though I hope that day will come—I do spend a lot of time pondering exactly how I would love to decorate, which design style I would choose, and how to save and bookmark all of the amazing inspirational photos I come across.

Sharing my process might inspire a process of your own, and I'm here to assure you that there is nothing wrong with giving thought to your dreams and goals—I like to believe it only makes them feel more within reach. 

Styles That Inspire Me

My design taste has definitely fluctuated throughout the years. If you asked me a few years back what my dream home would look like, it would have come straight out of Urban Outfitters Home's latest photoshoot—a line that still boasts great pieces, by the way. The look would’ve been eclectic, young, and fun, and while this is a great look for some, I feel that I've graduated beyond this and entered a new realm of interior styles.

Cozy neutral living room with warm mustard and green accents.

Light and Dwell

I would say now, my ideal home is cozy and transitional, a touch Mediterranean, and a bit Scandinavian-inspired, thanks to my undying love for IKEA. I want to surround myself with treasures I adore, pieces that are intentional, clean, and functional.

I also have an affinity for neutrals, like so many of us, and hope to have a foundational design that I can constantly change and build upon in my dream home. The dream for me is a kitchen with green cabinets and a wooden island, a soft neutral living room, and earthy-colored bedrooms.

Cozy bedroom with canopy bed and neutral bedding.

Whittney Parkinson

I am also a huge bookworm and know that my future home will hopefully have a space dedicated to my massive book collection and a cozy nook for reading—that is a must.

Large bookshelf wall filled with books and small cozy couch.

Domm Dot Com

Brands and Designers I Can't Get Enough Of

There are so many brands and designers whose work really speaks to me, and here are just a few. 

  • Shea McGee: Shea has an incredible design journey, she took a risk to change career paths and pour all of her energy into design—and it sure worked out. She now boasts a collection for Target and a popular Netflix home makeover show. Her style is elevated, approachable, and eye-catching, and I could only hope to have a Studio McGee-worthy home one day.
  • Amber Lewis: Amber is an interior designer and owner of her own home essentials shop, Shoppe Amber Interiors. Her moody, cozy, and chic style always inspires me, and I have so many looks by her saved to my Pinterest boards.
  • Parachute Home: Parachute is an incredible brand devoted to high-quality bedding, linens, and other home essentials. Their Instagram always provides amazing cozy room inspo—I highly recommend checking it out.
  • West Elm: A tried and true brand of elevated, modern furniture, I am constantly in awe of West Elm pieces. I wish I could add all of them to my home.
  • Becca Interiors: Becca Casey is the designer behind Becca Interiors, and whose style I wish I could recreate in my home immediately. Think: antique-inspired rooms with a totally unique and timeless feel.
  • Article: Article is a brand I hope to purchase lots of pieces from one day. They bring super chic and classic furniture pieces that don't feel stuffy or outdated—plus, they're all at a great price.

Places I Visit For Design Inspiration

I gather tons of inspiration from work here at MyDomaine and my time perusing social media. I love to save all of the interior photos I love in a bookmarked folder on Instagram—that way, whenever I am thinking of a particular space, I can easily find it there. 

Green vintage kitchen with wooden cutting boards.

Ashley Montgomery Design

Pinterest is another great place to start defining your interior style. It’s easy to search keywords like “eclectic” or “traditional” to find photos that fit your personal style to help give you a clearer vision of what your dream home looks like. 

Surprisingly, TikTok designers have helped define my style as well. There are several interior designers that pop up on my feed who answer users' common design questions, and recently, I've come across several videos of designers defining different interior styles. 

Cozy neutral Scandi bedroom.

True Home

Products I Would Love to Purchase

I always have a running list of things I would love to hit “buy now” on, if only I had space and the use for them. Here are a few products that I plan to purchase someday.

Cloud Cotton Duvet Cover Set
Parachute Cloud Cotton Duvet Cover Set $259,289.00

The bedding set of my dreams—this set from Parachute is perfect to layer on and really pairs with any design style in your bedroom.

Burrard Sofa
Article Burrard Sofa $1,899.00

I can imagine many nights lounging on this chic sofa and watching The Great British Bake Show—don't judge. Remember, I'm discussing my dream home here.

Mireya Vase
McGee & Co. Mireya Vase $180.00

If only I had a place for such a grand vase. This piece by McGee & Co. embodies so many styles that I love—a bit antique, a bit Mediterranean—and would look stunning as floor décor or styled on a bookshelf.

Everyone's dream home looks different, and that's the beauty of it. We can all pull inspiration from anywhere, and we can dream up spaces less focused on interior trends and more focused on what means the most to us.