3 Simple Ways to Personalize a Rental Apartment

Personalizing a rental property is a challenge for many, especially when working with existing paint colors and fixtures that can't be altered. If this is the case with your place, personalize your home using wall and decorative accessories -- lots of them. 3 Ways to Personalize Your Rental Home

1. Amp Up Your Art Collection: If your walls are fairly neutral, you can save money and time by using artwork to reflect your personality and style instead of tackling a painting project. Displaying large-scale statement pieces or hanging a collection of framed works gallery-wall style are both excellent ways to inject your aesthetic into the space.

2. Add Key Mirrors: Mirrors will be your best friend when you are tight on space and want to make your rooms feel bigger. They will also help to steal attention away from areas in the rental home that are not ideal by reflecting areas you do wish to highlight. 3. Accessorize: When accessorizing, it's important to layer and add texture wherever possible to create a warm, comfortable, and livable home. Since you are unable to make big, lasting changes, embrace the flexibility that decorative accessories like books, boxes, and sculptural items afford you, and change the look and style of your space as often as you desire. When it comes to soft pieces, I recommend investing in quality throws and pillows that will be durable and able to be reused when it comes time to move. Do you have a question for Estee? Leave it in the comments below, and we may feature it in a future post! estee-signature-layout Photograph: Ryan Korban