12 Trends MyDomaine Editors Wish Would Disappear in 2018

It's no secret that just like anyone else, our editors have their décor obsessions, but they also have their pet peeves. Leave anyone to stare at interiors all day long, and you can guarantee that they will get sick of trends in about as long as it takes to say "Despacito." Whether it's a trend that's long overstayed its welcome, one that's simply not practical in everyday life, or a personal preference, our editors all have their two cents to throw in when it comes to decorating trends to avoid.

To shed light on some of the trends that our editors secretly wish would disappear in 2018, we went straight to the source and asked our teammates for their opinions. This isn't to say that we have definite knowledge of all things décor, but maybe some of these have done the rounds on Pinterest one too many times or maybe it simply brings back bad childhood home flashbacks (children of the '90s, anyone?). Whatever the reason, we would prefer if these trends slowly faded into the background—at least for a few years. But don't despair: We also provided alternatives for each of these decorating clichés. This might as well be off the record—these are the 12 decorating trends to avoid in 2018, according to our editors.