12 Trends MyDomaine Editors Wish Would Disappear in 2018

Updated 04/15/19
Decorating Trends to Avoid

It's no secret that just like anyone else, our editors have their décor obsessions, but they also have their pet peeves. Leave anyone to stare at interiors all day long, and you can guarantee that they will get sick of trends in about as long as it takes to say "Despacito." Whether it's a trend that's long overstayed its welcome, one that's simply not practical in everyday life, or a personal preference, our editors all have their two cents to throw in when it comes to decorating trends to avoid.

To shed light on some of the trends that our editors secretly wish would disappear in 2018, we went straight to the source and asked our teammates for their opinions. This isn't to say that we have definite knowledge of all things décor, but maybe some of these have done the rounds on Pinterest one too many times or maybe it simply brings back bad childhood home flashbacks (children of the '90s, anyone?). Whatever the reason, we would prefer if these trends slowly faded into the background—at least for a few years. But don't despair: We also provided alternatives for each of these decorating clichés. This might as well be off the record—these are the 12 decorating trends to avoid in 2018, according to our editors.

The California Boho Look

Erik Jorgensen EJ 880 Savannah Lounge Chair $5049

"I'm all for a breezy beach house, but I've seen enough macramé wall hangings, batik pillows, and pom-pom throws to last me a lifetime. Instead, give me more of a casual minimal but layered Scandinavian beach house look. Now that's something I can get behind." — Gabrielle Savoie, editor

The Fiddle-Leaf Fig

Delray Plants Burgundy Rubber Plant $29

"It's a gorgeous plant, but it really lives up to its name. It's hands down the most fiddly greenery I have ever had in my apartment, and I'm not alone. Almost everyone I have spoken to who bought one during the height of the craze said it died within a week or lost all its leaves and never looked the same. I love greenery, but the fiddle-leaf fig has got to be replaced. Instead, I'd opt for a rubber plant. The mahogany color is gorgeous, and they never die. Or I also love the split-leaf philodendron for its bright green hue and its artistic leaf shape." — Sacha Strebe, editorial director

White on White

Leather Pillow Cover
Serena & Lily Leather Pillow Cover $148

"While a minimal, all-white-everything approach to decorating can leave you with a clean, bright space, white décor is hard to keep clean and shows even the slightest wear. It also leaves little room for you to show off your personality. I'd replace this trend with unique colors and patterns from the paint on the walls to each design element. A little color never hurt, and now there's plenty of new neutrals to experiment with like blush pink and earth tones." — Christie Calucchia, editorial assistant

Brass and Marble

Gubi TS Lounge Table $999

"This trendy duo has dominated Instagram for too long! Both are beautiful on their own, but I'm excited to see some more innovative, exciting pairings in 2018. I'd love to see more stone variations available: think moss green or rusty red marble." — Sophie Miura, senior editor

Two-Tone Kitchens

Farrow & Ball Light Blue $99

"Either be bold and go all the way to the ceiling or keep everything white. I've seen enough kitchens where people played it safe by only painting the lower half of their cabinets. When I see black, navy, or hunter green on lower cabinets, it feels as though someone test-patched a paint color and never fully committed to it. Instead, I'd opt for a safer color and go all the way with it, using it on the lower and upper cabinets, the walls, and even the ceiling." — Savoie

The Gallery Wall

Alice Quaresma Canary $1200

"I love a gallery wall as much as the next person, but I'd prefer to save the sensory overload for when I'm visiting a local gallery. This look can appear cluttered and messy when battling for attention along with the rest of your furniture and décor. Without the blank white walls and large open spaces an art gallery has to offer, it's a bit overwhelming. I'd replace this trend with one statement art piece. This way the attention is all on one object, and you can better tailor your choice of painting, print, or sculpture to the rest of your room for a cohesive look." — Calucchia


Large 7.5
Melanie Abrantes Designs Large Hanging Planter $110

"I'm not a big fan of macramé plant holders and would gladly say goodbye to the trend that seems to be taking over Instagram as of late. Instead, I'd opt for ceramic or metal plant hangers that a feel a bit more modern and clean." — Kelly Gallagher, social media editor

The All-Scandinavian Look

Mies Van der Rohe MR10 Cantilever Chair $800

"Don't get me wrong, I love minimal interiors, but I think this trend has been taken too far. When done well, minimalistic homes are considered and well-layered, containing furniture that serves a purpose and is well-designed. When done poorly, it can look stark, severe, and just plain empty. I'm excited for traditional décor to make a comeback. It's not completely my style, but I'll be layering more vintage pieces in my home." — Miura

Pastel Colors

Michael Verheyden Petite Vase $265

"To me, the pastels look is very '80s or early '90s, and it has 'trend' written all over it. I don't think it will last beyond a few months to a year, and I don't think it's something worth investing in (save for a few throw pillows). Maybe it gives me flashbacks to the home I grew up in, but it looks super tacky to me. Instead, opt for deeper jewel tones." — Clark

The Eames Chair

Stephen Kenn Dining Chair $1000

"I hate to say it because I absolutely love the original designs, but there are so many replicas of the Eames lounge chair and the side chair that they've sadly lost a little of their glory for me. The patina on the vintage versions, however, will always remain the epitome of cool. Support local designers instead. I am in love with L.A.-based designer Stephen Kenn's dining chair with ebonized oak and antique brass." — Strebe

Too Many Plants

Home Depot Assorted Desert Rose Echeveria Succulent Plant $16

"I like succulents and indoor plants, but I've seen some small spaces stuffed to the brim with them, which makes me feel claustrophobic and unclean. It's all about moderation and placement so that it feels stylish and refreshing, not overbearing." — Hadley Mendelsohn, associate editor

The Sputnik Chandelier

Apparatus Studio Cloud 37 Fixture $7200

"Sadly, this midcentury staple has been reproduced and reused ad nauseam. If I never have to see another Sputnik chandelier again, it won't be too soon. Instead, I'd look at young lighting designers who are doing really interesting stuff, like Apparatus Studio or Gabriel Scott. And it doesn't have to be expensive. Some young lighting companies like Lambert & Fils and Park Studio LA are producing unique lighting that's quite affordable." — Savoie

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