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How to Decorate With Driftwood Décor

Natural wooden table with decor.

Lidia Salazar

Move over, decorative beads and coffee table books. While we love these items, we’re always eager to expand our styling repertoires and incorporate new finds into our spaces. Lately, we’ve been majorly drawn to driftwood—sometimes referred to as grapewood—which makes for a naturalistic yet unexpected accent piece.

No longer reserved solely for coastal spaces, driftwood shines all throughout the home. Take a look at how a few of our favorite design bloggers have incorporated it into their own abodes. 

White shelving with driftwood decor.

Stefana Silber

Blogger Stefana Silber has placed driftwood in multiple locations throughout her home. Her piece makes a statement on her built-in shelving, adding welcome texture while complementing a display rooted in neutrals. On her entryway table, the piece looks lovely placed in a woven basket, proving that sometimes, a setup that’s a bit off the beaten path can look purposeful and cohesive. 

Natural wooden table with decor.

Lidia Salazar

Bring on the textures: Instagrammer Lidia Salazar’s shelfie proves that buzz-worthy materials rattan, wicker, and driftwood couldn’t blend together more perfectly. Salazar’s addition of a petite plant adds a cheerful pop of green to a mostly beige nook, keeps the area looking lively and fresh, and complements the other natural materials featured. 

Vertical piece of driftwood on shelving unit.

Alicia Lund

Driftwood comes in many forms, and blogger Alicia Lund opted to display her piece vertically on her built-in shelving. Surrounded by wooden logs, the piece is right at home and fills an extra tall shelf wonderfully. 

Not sure where to purchase your own driftwood? We love this piece from interior designer Megan Molten’s shop—it’s budget-friendly and available in two different sizes, depending on your space’s needs. West Elm also sells similar pieces, which are sold both individually and in packs of two or four.

Twisted Wood Branch
Megan Molten Shop Twisted Wood Branch $3,849.00
Grapewood botanical.
West Elm Grapewood Botanical $50.00