6 Design Ideas We Are Stealing from HomeGoods' Vacation Rental

house of homegoods designs

House of HomeGoods

If you absolutely love shopping at HomeGoods, you won't want to miss out on this exciting news: this fall, the retailer is officially launching the House of HomeGoods, an incredibly decorated vacation rental in New York's Hudson Valley. The home is outfitted with all kinds of fabulous products sourced from HomeGoods stores and is available for booking starting today. Act quickly to snag one of the coveted $29.99/night stays at the property, which take place over the course of four weekends this fall.

The furniture and décor within the house will change week after week, but we got an early glimpse of the first setup (which is based on the theme "Find Creativity") and it is good. In fact, we're feeling inspired to recreate some of the design ideas used in the House of HomeGoods within our own homes.

Below, we're sharing some of our top decorating takeaways after taking a peek at the property.

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Monochrome Is a Major Yes

homegoods living and dining room all blue

House of HomeGoods

Sometimes, a monochrome space can evoke images of an all-gray room that appears super blah, or a bright red or orange space that's just a bit too overwhelming. Blue, however, appears to be the perfect color to use when embracing a monochrome look.

This joint living-and-dining space features blue tones of all kinds and proves that pattern mixing (even within one overall color scheme) is a major yes. We love the subtle gold and wooden accents that round out the space and add dimension, too.

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Kitchens Don't Have to Be Boring

yellow walls in kitchen

House of HomeGoods

We know by now that kitchens don't have to be neutral to be beautiful, but how many bold-colored kitchens do you actually see? We are feeling inspired by this yellow and white backsplash in the House of HomeGoods, which adds some pep to a primarily utilitarian space and proves that you can enjoy classic subway tile and funky patterns simultaneously.

Open shelving with cute canisters makes this kitchen appear even more colorful and welcoming—while still being functional.

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Acrylic Tables Make for Chic Bar Carts

acrylic console table as bar cart

House of HomeGoods

We are longtime fans of thinking outside the box when it comes to a bar cart. Sure, traditional rolling carts are great, but inspiring bar tables look so sophisticated. This one looks incredibly sheet with all the cocktail-making essentials and colorful glassware on top. Acrylic pieces take up little visual space, so they make for an excellent "base" piece if you plan to go all out with décor.

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All Space Is Valuable Storage Space

storage space under window

House of HomeGoods

Open space really is valuable storage space, especially in small rooms. This area below the window was creatively transformed into a storage nook, featuring a small end table with drawers along with some additional baskets. Whether you use it as a makeup station or a place to stash away craft supplies, a space like this one will surely come in handy in your own home.

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Layering Rugs is Always a Winning Idea

striped rug layered on top of blue rug

House of HomeGoods

Don't be afraid to play with various patterns when layering rugs in your home. One thing is for sure: the different prints at play here look pretty darn amazing together.

We wouldn't have thought to place a small, striped rug atop a larger floral one, but the red and white striped design looks right at home in this space. Adding a small rug to go over your existing, larger piece is a great way to make a small change that doesn't break the bank, too.

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You Can Never Have Too Many Bed Pillows

yellow bedroom with pillows

House of HomeGoods

But really, you just can't. This bed is certainly styled with throw pillows galore, and it couldn't look more put together or welcoming. Stick to one general color scheme so that the pillow pile appears intentional, not haphazard.