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6 Small Home Updates That Will Help You Start Your Day on the Right Foot

bedroom with neutral bedding and pink accents

Gold a la Mode

Let’s not sugarcoat things: Mornings can be rough. Maybe you hit the snooze button a few too many times and you’re racing to sign on to work on time. Or perhaps you have to make breakfast, pack lunches, and get your kids ready for their day. But no matter what your reasoning is, it’s all too possible to wake up on the wrong side of the bed. 

There are a lot of things you can do to make your mornings smoother. You can get a good night’s sleep and create a realistic, awe-inspiring morning routine, for starters. However, there are plenty of small tweaks you can apply to your home that will make your space conducive for getting up, getting ready, and getting out. 

To help, a handful of designers shared their home hacks for starting your day on the right foot. From the practical to the well-appointed, to the tech-savvy, having a great morning has never been so easy.

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Let the Light In

“Open the blinds and let the light in. Natural light helps you wake up and feel energized. If you get up before the sun, try to mimic its light with sunshine colored smart bulbs.” —Alessandra Wood, interior design expert and vice president of style at Modsy

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A Blank Slate

“Wiping down countertops, washing dishes, and tidying up living areas are all tasks that can help make mornings go smoother. Look for decor pieces that are both functional and stylish like this simplehuman sink caddy from Crate & Barrel to store your dish-cleaning necessities, a seagrass tote basket from Pottery Barn to toss throw blankets in, and Leather Crafted Tray from McGee & Co. to organize remotes, coasters, and magazines.” —Ashley Moore, founder and principal designer of Moore House Interiors

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Automate Your Space

“We are seeing a big movement in home automation and I’m loving smart lights that mimic your circadian rhythm. These little luxuries help you feel more rested when it is time to get moving!” —Marie Flanigan, interior designer

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Chic Cup of Joe

“Set up a functional at-home coffee and tea station. Whether it's a dedicated space on your counter, a fully organized drawer of your favorite coffee flavors or tea tins, or a hidden cabinet holding your beloved coffee machine, a stylish and functional setup can brighten your morning. It will also save you from overspending at a coffee shop!” —Roxy Te, founder and creative director of Society Social

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Consider Your Closet

“Make sure your bathroom or dressing area is well lit and organized to get yourself dressed and ready for the day. Add valet hooks in your closet or behind a door to select and hang your clothes for the day.” —Darla Bankston May, interior designer

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Pass on Surplus Pillows

“I feel that toss pillows have become extremely overused—especially on beds. At my design firm, we’ve started using one large toss pillow in lieu of multiple pillows. I have one on my own bed, and this has reduced the bed-making time by five minutes.” —Jennifer Welch, interior designer