The One Room Interior Designer Alison Kist Will Never Forget


Courtesy of Alison Kist Interiors

Interior designers and other experts in the home industry work on an impressive number of spaces throughout their careers. But even if some of the makeovers and redesigns start to blend together after a few years, there are some rooms that are just truly unforgettable. 

So, to give designers a chance to revisit their favorite projects—and to bring you plenty of inspiration for your own home—we’re sharing the one room these pros will remember forever. For some, there’s a sentimental connection, for others, there was an obstacle they never thought they’d over come. But no matter what, these rooms are worth remembering.

Before Alison Kist ever decided to embark on a career as an interior designer, she had already cultivated a personal sense of style that would prove to be invaluable. Her time traveling and living abroad introduced her to new cultures, while her years working at Christie’s Auction House put her face to face with some of the world’s most beautiful art, objects, and antiques, all of which has informed her approach to decorating.

“I always try to incorporate vintage pieces and play with a mix of styles, materials, and textures,” she tells MyDomaine.

Which is exactly what she did while transforming a dated bathroom into an open space that feels at once bright, airy, and full of old-world charm.

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“My clients were very unhappy in the old dated space, and, being English, desperately wanted to be able to incorporate a bath,” she says. “Being able to transform two small rooms into a large, light-filled, stylish and functional space without breaking the bank was a wonderful feeling.”

Because this project was at her clients' second home, there wasn't a lot of wiggle room with the budget, but Kist knew she didn't want to sacrifice any style. That's where her keen eye for mixing old and new and sourcing vintage finds came into play.

"Restoring an old tub found on Craigslist, using a classic hex tile from a big box store, and incorporating other elements found at estate sales enabled us to keep on budget, but also added an element of vintage charm," she explains.

Courtesy of Alison Kist Interiors

The tub itself is one of Kist's favorite elements in the room. After successfully combining the two small rooms into one larger space she had plenty of room to fit the bathtub her clients so desperately wanted. But instead of picking up something nondescript, she found a vintage claw foot tub that immediately injected the space with personality.

"It might require a bit more time and effort but sourcing some vintage pieces for a space can not only save on costs, but also bring so much character to a space," she says. "I always spend the extra time to find those special elements that will add a bit of soul."

bathroom vanity
Courtesy of Alison Kist Interiors

But the tub is far from the only standout element in the room. There are the leather framed mirrors she found at an estate sale, which helped inspire the room's design, and a masterful mix of natural materials like wood, leather, and hide throughout the space. And, of course, the underfloor heating is nothing to scoff at.

Overall though, Kist says she'll remember this space as one where she was able to deliver on her clients' desires, and then some.

"I feel delight at being able to give my clients not only a bigger bathroom with a bath, but a space they were happy to set foot in each morning," she says.

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