7 Designer-Approved Colors You Hadn't Considered for Fall

olive colored kitchen

Design: Jessica Nelson Design; Photo: Carina Skrobecki Photography

As everything from home décor to fallen leaves transitions into hues of yellows, reds, oranges, and browns—it's a clear tell-tale sign that the season is changing and that fall has arrived.

With every new season, it's time to refresh your space either through a good deep cleaning or by changing the tone and ambiance of your rooms with color. While there are obvious choices for fall décor colors, we asked designers for their take on untraditional tones—and their answers may inspire you to pick a different color palette outside of your go-to rustic hues. From a range of greens to terracotta pink, here are seven designer-approved colors that will set the fall mood.

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Smoky Topaz

smoky topaz kitchen with marble countertop

Reena Sotropa

"The 1970s design aesthetic is still a huge influence on current design trends. The need for a little 'hygge' has prompted a return to cozy texture and warm earthy colors. The sophisticated warmth of Smoky Topaz ticks every box for a great fall color. Somewhere between a neutral and color, this hard-to-describe hue is extremely versatile. It has the visual strength to stand on its own but also pairs beautifully with bolder colors, and provides balance and softness to high-contrast materials such as marble." - Reena Sotropa of Reena Sotropa Design Group

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olive colored kitchen

Design: Jessica Nelson Design; Photo: Carina Skrobecki Photography

"Ripe Olive by Sherwin Williams is a current favorite. It's a super versatile green that works in so many different spaces. It can read dark and dramatic, or bright and crisp depending on the space. I really love this color for kitchen cabinetry. When doing walls in this color, it's best to go big and also paint the trim and ceilings for an elevated look. For cabinetry, it pairs well with white oak and brass and works really nicely with warm tones." - Jessica Nelson of Jessica Nelson Design

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Jewel Tones Mixed With Wood

mixed jewel color wallpaper with rattan chairs dining room

Tara Kantor Interiors

"When it comes to selecting a color story for clients, I always ask the clients what colors make them happy. I never push color on clients, and some clients do prefer a neutral palette. However, when a client is open to using color, I say 'go for it!' In my Rye project, which was completed last year we incorporated jewel tones and wood colors throughout the home; green emerald accent chairs and a textured Bordeaux custom paint finish in the powder room bring warmth to the house. While these selections look good year-round, they certainly do imbue a sense of fall." - Tara Kantor of Tara Kantor Interiors

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Combine Contrasting Colors

Bright Green shelves with neon orange accent chair

Design: JL Design; Photo: Alyssa Rosenheck

"As designers, we study the color wheel and what colors are complementary to each other. Creating a complementary color scheme can create such a beautiful contrast, and it makes each color pop on its own. Sometimes we get scared to combine 'untraditional' colors together, but I like to think of it as a way to imitate nature. Leaves change to any and every color, whether it's red, green, yellow, orange, or even hues of blue or purple. Seeing all those colors combined is breathtaking. So, do not be afraid to add those 'untraditional' fall colors to your decor this year!" - LC Crass of JL Design

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Terracotta Pink

terracotta abstract wallpaper in bedroom

Reena Sotropa

"Love it or hate it, one cannot deny the impact of Millennial Pink! This former 'it color' democratized the color and repackaged it in a non-gender specific form, paving the way for all the beautiful blush, and rose tones that came along after. Pink is a gentle color associated with optimism; the warmth and enthusiasm of orange combine to make Terracotta Pink a perfect color for fall. Used alone, or with shades of pumpkin, cream, or cognac this earthy color envelops and creates a 'cocooning' environment that is conducive to cuddling." - Reena Sotropa of Reena Sotropa Design Group

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dark blue couches with jewel accents

Karen Wolf Interiors

"I chose blue, as it is an evergreen neutral that can be paired with any seasonal color. You can pull almost there blacks with a blue undertone for a moody dining room or dramatic fireplace. Pair mid-tone blues with jewel tones and trending browns for a fall feel. Sheen matters too. A matte tone conveys cozy and invites fall vibes into the home." - Karen Wolf of Karen Wolf Interiors

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Bright green wallpaper

 Etch Design Group

"Fall is all about coziness, about welcoming people back to the home, and the best way to achieve a look that invites guests to gather is to keep it simple. Use natural elements like pumpkins and display them at varying heights. There are such wide varieties, that it's easy to choose colors that pop against your doors and exterior hue. Green is the color of the year this year as it is a connection to the outdoors and the need to connect with nature." -Stephanie Lindsey of Etch Design Group