Designer Crush: Jean-Louis Deniot

Design was part of Jean-Louis Deniot's life from an early age. At three Deniot was already drawing and painting, and by ten, he was creating models of miniature structures and décors. With his inherent passion for interiors, it's no surprise that Deniot compares the work he does for his clients to the couture pieces a fashion designer creates: unique pieces of art handmade to fit each client perfectly. And his portfolio proves his instinct for design was spot on: his sophisticated, irresistibly chic creations can be found across the world from Beverly Hills and London to Kiev and Moscow. dh-sara-story-header-09 The French designer graduated from Ecole Camoda in 2000 and established Cabinet Jean-Louis Deniot that very same year. Now with his sister, Virginie, on board as his business partner and company manager, Deniot has a slew of big-name clients and leads projects that take him to dramatic locations far from his Paris office. dsigner-crush-tim-header-02 A décor tailored specifically to his clients' styles and expectations. A French chic aesthetic, featuring timeless interiors with different variations of style and influence. dh-sara-story-header-03 His theatrical style and penchant for drama with a hint of playfulness. We also dig how the designer works with vintage furniture and layers textures and materials in his interiors. dh-sara-story-header-04 Deniot has launched successful furniture lines in collaboration with various international manufacturers over the past few years: with Pierre and Pouenat in Franche, with Jean de Merry in the U.S. and with Marc de Berny in London. "These have been thrilling experiences," says Deniot/ Next up: A collection with George Smith, available in January. dh-sara-story-header-05 "I have recently completed my sister's country house in Touraine, as well as my best friend's in Chantilly. I'm currently working on my parents' house in the South of Paris along with a few houses for myself in Tarifa, Spain, Tangier, and West Hollywood." dh-sara-story-header-06 Current projects include a house in Beverly Hills, the most expensive penthouse every sold in New York located on Central Park West, an apartment on Fifth Avenue, a twenty-story residential tower on Broadway, and six houses in London, mostly in the SW1 area. There's also a very large Paris apartment for a young Saudi princess ("a beautiful apartment on rue de Rivoli overlooking the Tuileries"), a house in the Bosphorus in Turkey, a gorgeous duplex in Moscow, a great private house in Delhi and another one in Chandigarh, India. And then there's the restoration of the Château Latour winery for French businessman (and husband of Salma Hayek), François Pinault. Just to name a few... dh-sara-story-header-07 I draw my inspiration from my travels and constantly find myself stimulated. I love challenges. I want each place, each project, to be and feel special and unique. I do not like repetition, but rather delight in the excitement and novelty of each and every exercise." dsigner-crush-tim-header-01
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  Photography by Noah Webb