A Sophisticated Hamptons Home With a Farmhouse Feel

Inspiration can strike at any time, but if you're in an artistic rut, just look out the window. Your surroundings are a reliable source of creative fuel, especially when designing interiors. Case in point: the striking Hamptons home of interior designer Cailin Shannon-Wunder. She explains to Cottages & Gardens that while "everyone refers to the Hamptons as the beach," there are so many qualities that make it unique from other seaside towns. And this home proves it.

Aside from the popular coastal lifestyle, the Bridgehampton area also boasts breathtaking tree-lined streets, classic architecture, and a very sophisticated retail and nightlife scene—all of which she tried to encapsulate in her own home. So let's play a quick round of Would You Rather? Hamptons Edition: Farmhouse or beach house? Formal or casual? Hip or traditional? Well, perhaps the better question is why choose one when you can have all the above? In fact, she nicknames the Hamptons "fancy farmland." Take a peek inside this chic home to see how it's done.