Designers at Home: The Outtakes

dh-designers-at-home-market For many people, crashing at a friend's house involves an air mattress. For All the Best blogger Ronda Rice Carman, it's checking into designer Hutton Wilkinson's storied Dawndridge Estate, the palatial Beverly Hills abode originally inhabited by the late great design icon, Tony Duquette. Luckily, the décor enthusiast has a stay-and-tell policy: she's photographed the interiors of her high-profile decorator pals and collected the spoils in her new book Designers at Home. Greedy for more, we talked Carman into sharing a series of outtakes from the book, which appear above, and include the residences of Barry DixonRobert PassalAmanda Nisbet, and Kim Alexandriuk.
"The one criteria was that each house had to be a space that was really loved and lived in--not just pretty design," says Carman. "On the whole there wasn't a lot of pomp and circumstance, it was the little simple things that made the spaces special--like lightly starched sheets and blooming orchids." WANT MORE? Domaine Editorial Director Mat Sanders will moderate a panel discussion with Carman and two of the book's featured designers, Malcolm James Kutner and Joe Lucas, today at 5:30pm at Harbinger as part of LCDQ's Legends 2013 schedule. CAN'T MAKE IT? Follow all of the action here.