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10 Paint Colors Our Favorite Designers Always Use

Dining room painted Ultra White

Blanco Bungalow

Paint is often the first defining décor feature of a space. It sets the tone for the rest of the room, whether you choose to deck out your space in a jewel-toned green or neutralize your walls with a creamy white. Color works its magic in your room to set just the right mood—but where should you begin when deciding what color to choose?

There's no one better than interior designers to update us on their latest and greatest paint finds. We tapped some of our favorite decorators to share which paint colors they love working with the most, from rich blues to creamy beiges.

Here are the 10 most popular paint colors, according to designers.

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Behr Digital

Behr Digital painted on fireplace

Arbor & Co.

"This is our go-to charcoal gray," designer Sarah Reed from Arbor & Co. says, and we can see why. Behr Digital is a gorgeous shade of slate that's perfect for adding a moody accent to your room, whether it be in the form of a wall or a tall fireplace, as shown here.

Pair this color with a light contrasting shade, like white or beige, to achieve the right balance.

Behr Digital $36.00
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Benjamin Moore Chantilly Lace

White bathroom with black accents

Arbor & Co.

You're always in need of a great white paint—one that's going to cover without streaks and get the job done in creating the neutral space of your dreams. Reed loves this tried-and-true favorite, Benjamin Moore Chantilly Lace. "Our whole house is this color," she notes. "We use this color for every client when suggesting a white."

Chantilly Lace
Benjamin Moore Chantilly Lace $63.00
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Behr Herb Cornucopia

Hunter green living room with modern furniture

Sarah Fultz Interiors

If you're looking to get in on the green craze, look no further than Behr Herb Cornucopia. This dark olive shade is earthy, bold, and neutral all at the same time, and Reed loves using this shade to ground her designs.

Herb Cornucopia
Behr Herb Cornucopia $36.00
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Behr Ultra Pure White

Dining room painted Ultra White

Blanco Bungalow

White walls will always be in style—and don't be afraid to keep this consistent throughout your home. Take note from Laura Genevieve of Blanco Bungalow: When you find the right white, stick with it. "I love white," she says. "I literally get asked daily what shade of white I used to paint the inside and outside of my home, and I understand—I too agonized over which white shades to use. The winner was Behr Ultra Pure White."

"I went with matte white for the walls and semi-gloss for the interior trim," she continues. "Our house was so dark and depressing when we bought it, with purple carpet everywhere, mauve and yellowish walls, and the exterior a faded moss green. I wanted the cleanest, brightest white to make it feel like a fresh clean space."

Ultra Pure White
Behr Ultra Pure White $36.00
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Benjamin Moore Newburyport Blue

Sitting room painted blue

Michelle Gage

For a classic shade that's always in style, try Newburyport Blue by Benjamin Moore. The color reads elegant and classic, making it perfect for a formal dining room or a classy reading nook. "I love that, depending on the room’s design, it can act as a color or a neutral. It’s a classic and great go-to navy," designer Michelle Gage says.

Newburyport Blue
Benjamin Moore Newburyport Blue $63.00
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Sherwin-Williams Isle of Pines

Jewel-toned green bedroom wall

Photo: Janelle Gokule; Design: Iman Stewart Interiors

For this bedroom, designer Iman Stewart knew she had to go with a color that was going to make a rich impact—and Sherwin-Williams Isle of Pines does just the trick. "I want to incorporate my love of color by selecting vibrant focal walls that compliment my clients’ culture," she said. "Isle of Pines is one of my favorite greens, and I love it in a flat or low-luster finish. It's a great way to go bold, as there is a richness about this color that is perfect for interior or exterior applications."

Isle of Pines
Sherwin-Williams Isle of Pines $45.00
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Sherwin-Williams Canvas Tan

Tan wall with carnival masks

Photo: Janelle Gokule; Design: Iman Stewart Interiors

To balance the intensity of the previous shade, Stewart paired the green with Sherwin-Williams Canvas Tan. Having this color throughout the room gives the eye a chance to relax and focus on the other accents, like the Carnival-inspired masquerade masks and luxe velvet drapes.

Canvas Tan
Sherwin-Williams Canvas Tan $45.00
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Benjamin Moore Simply White

Brick fireplace painted in Simply White

Photo: Janelle Gokule; Design: Iman Stewart Interiors

Stewart transformed this mantle from drab to fresh with a coating of the classic Benjamin Moore Simply White. She notes that this shade is very versatile, as she uses it in several of her projects to get a modern, clean look. "This is one of my go-to whites," she says. "It pairs well with everything and is a great color to freshen up a space. Simply White is light, bright, airy, and perfect for a staging project."

Simply White
Benjamin Moore Simply White $63.00
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JH Wall Paints Shade 32

Fireplace mantle painted gray

Arbor & Co.

Reed shouts out this light gray, Shade 32 by JH Wall Paints, as a playful hue to try on a piece like a mantel. As JH specializes in lime paint, the paint is blended with natural mineral pigments and gives a mineral, matte, and velvety finish.

This shade is perfect for painting stone or brick.

Shade 32
JH Wall Paints Shade 32 $33.00
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Benjamin Moore Victorian Mauve

Hair salon painted in Victorian Mauve

Photo: Anthony Voltsinis; Design: Iman Stewart Interiors

When working on a hair salon renovation, Stewart knew the space needed a little spice but didn't want a shade that was going to read too busy. Enter Benjamin Moore Victorian Mauve, a light dusty mauve that's soft, soothing, and impactful.

"This blush, soft mauve tends not to be your typical hair salon wall color," Stewart explains. "They usually say keep it a blank canvas for art galleries and hair salons, but this is not the case for this application, as we wanted to keep it aligned with our client's brand. Victorian Mauve is a great option for not only commercial projects but a girl's bedroom transition into her teens. It is a classic and timeless color." 

Victorian Mauve
Benjamin Moore Victorian Mauve $46.00