7 Designers on Their Home Splurges (Plus If They're Worth It)

Modern living room with white sofa.

Forbes and Masters

While designers are masters at sticking to a client’s budget and sourcing finds at all price points, they, too, are only human and have made their fair share of splurge buys or “extra” purchases when shopping for their own homes.

We asked seven pros to spill the details on what they got and how their buys have held up over time.

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Metal Brutalist Mirror

Blue velvet sofa with metal mirror above.

Katherine Carter

“I purchased a metal brutalist mirror found in the corner of a local antique shop and knew my husband, who loves metal art, would love it. The price seemed expensive, but I was inexplicably drawn to it. A few months later, while scrolling through 1stDibs, I realized I had purchased a Curtis Jere mirror worth three times as much. That mirror is one of our favorites, and it even found a spot after our most recent move. Adding elements from all time periods keeps a home curated and unexpected.” —Miriam Silver Verga, partner and principal designer at Mimi & Hill

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Pricey Pottery

“I have a hard time calling it frivolous as it brings me joy, but I do have a bit of a pottery addiction. Thanks to the genius of artists like Bari Ziperstein, Natan Moss and LGS Studio, I’ve spent big bucks adding to my growing collection of pots, vases, and vessels. Luckily, as a designer, I've been able to find homes for many of these gorgeous pieces in my projects, but I have also held onto more than my fair share.” —Patrick Ediger, owner and principal designer at Patrick Ediger Interior Design

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Hotel-Quality Mattress

Luxurious bed with soft linens.

Jules Interiors

“My mattress is the same as the bed from the Four Seasons Hotel. I stayed at the Four Seasons, and the bed was amazing—even my dogs loved it. So, I asked the concierge about the bed and if I could buy one, and sure enough, you can. I knew I was going to need a bed soon, so why not just get it? Best purchase ever.” —Linda Hayslett, founder of LH.Designs

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Hand-Painted Botanical Art

“I coveted the hand-painted botanical illustrations on Royal Copenhagen’s Flora Danica pattern for years before I mustered the audacity to purchase a set for myself. At $1,000 a plate, they are as impractical as they are dreamy—and God save anyone who would try to put them in the dishwasher—but I do fall in love with them again every time I pass my china cabinet.” —Sean Leffers, founder of Sean Leffers Interiors

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Expensive Rug

Soft living room with velvet couch and plush rug.

Katie Martinez

“I was so excited to purchase new furniture when we bought our house. I purchased a $2,000 rug that was perfect—worst decision ever. My children ruined it by spraying bleach on it to clean it.” —April Gandy, principal designer at Alluring Designs Chicago 

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Smart Refrigerator

“Honestly, one of the most frivolous purchases I’ve made is my smart refrigerator. It’s state of the art and capable of doing everything from meal planning to photo sharing and sending emails. Despite the fact that I'm notoriously not tech savvy, I told myself I’d use all the bells and whistles and that the appliance would become the family hub. Yet, here we are one year later, and the only thing I use it for is storing food, getting crushed ice, and the water dispenser. But hey, it looks great in my kitchen.” —Saudah Saleem, designer and owner at Saudah Saleem Interiors

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Duxiana Pillow

Soft neutral bed with printed wallpaper.

Design: Mindy Gayer Design Co.; Photographer: Vanessa Lentine

“My husband asked me for a Duxiana pillow for Christmas—which I thought was strange—but he had heard they were amazing for your neck. After he had one and I got to try it, I realized I needed one, too. It felt a little crazy to spend over $400 on a pillow insert, but the quality of sleep it gives you is truly priceless—it made a difference after the very first night.” —Emma Beryl, founder of Emma Beryl Interiors