Back-to-School Isn't Just for Kids—Here's Proof


Courtesy of Anthropologie

While kids everywhere are digging into their fresh new school supplies, we are planning an adult-approved desk upgrade of our own. Children everywhere may be thrilled with their newest gel pens, wire-bound notebooks, and Crayola markers, but we have other desk supplies in mind—ones that involve brass, suede, and a little white star that denotes the pinnacle of penmanship.

You've worked hard this year—we all have. While burning the midnight oil, why not treat your workstation to a little luxury? After all, they say "Dress for the job you want, not the one you have"—we believe this extends to your desk décor, too. Keep your workstation elevated through all those late nights and we predict a wave of success and productivity in your future. After all, isn't a chic workstation much more inspiring than a sad desk with generic office supplies courtesy of the office's stationery cupboard? Graduate from basic to Montblanc this season; the corner office will follow.