14 Desk Décor Ideas to Bring Summer Vibes to Your Office

Desk Décor Ideas
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On sunny summer days, it can feel excruciating to be sitting at a desk with no sunlight when you could instead be sipping a margarita with your toes in the sand somewhere or soaking up the rays in your local park. This is why it's the perfect time to give your desk décor a seasonal pick-me-up. Add in some pastel tones, introduce a plant or two, throw in a new desk lamp, and you'll be on your way to getting those fresh summer vibes, even if you're nowhere near sunrays.

So how do you start your desk makeover? Clear up your entire surface (it's never too late for some good old-fashioned decluttering), and pick wisely what you choose to keep. Then, add some storage for miscellaneous items and important documents, a fresh new lamp, some greenery, and voilà: a beautiful and inspiring desk to sit at even on the gloomiest of days. And to help you get started, we handpicked 14 summer-inspired desk décor ideas you'll love year-round.

Greenery NYC String of Hearts $30

Nothing like a potted plant propped on your desk to bring the wild outdoors inside on days you're stuck working long, dreary hours. This string of hearts plant is particularly easy to care for, drought-tolerant and can thrive even in indirect sunlight.

Next Page Collection Set in Clay
Poketo Next Page Collection Set in Clay $86

Is your current planner home to everything from your grocery lists, appointment calendar to upcoming career goals? Get organized with this pretty bundle of three powerful planners that make jotting task lists, listing out to-do's and marking appointments an absolute joy. Brownie points for the soothing color.

DOCK+ Lightning Marble Dock
Native Union Dock+ Lightning Marble Dock $130

Get rid of messy phone and tablet wires that clutter your office desk, and instead prop this white marble and copper phone/tablet dock that's sure to up your desk drama. The copper cable is reinforced with braided nylon that prevents any snags or rips in your charging wire, while you also get a wide range of adapters that pair with several phone and tablet brands.

Jewel Vase
Delish Glass Jewel Vase $30

The key to decorating your office desk without creating clutter is adding tiny, cheery pieces like this adorable yellow vase. If you're not big on fresh flowers, simply use it to hold stationery or tack your post-its on. Either way, this bright, modern vase is going to bring a smile to your face every time you sneak a peek at it.

Oluce Atollo Table Lamp $624

Whether you're stuck in a cubicle that gets very little natural light, or your work hours tend to stretch late into the night - you need a desk lamp to brighten up your space. This tiny yet mightly classic 1970s white dome lamp can house up to three light bulbs, brightening up your space with both direct and ambient light options using a nifty dimmer switch.

Poketo Lucite Desk Tray
Poketo Lucite Desk Tray $24

If you haven't used a desk tray before you're in for a pleasant surprise. From holding your stationery knickknacks to helping you organize your paperwork - this multi-tasker is not just functional but also extremely stylish.

MyFlavour Arctic Blue Drinking Bottle
Eva Solo MyFlavour Arctic Blue Drinking Bottle $78

It's hard to stay hydrated when your calendar is full of back-to-back meetings and deadlines. Here's an incentive: Fresh flavored water all year round. This Eva Solo bottle comes with a skewer for adding fresh fruits and herbs to regular water, making the task of staying hydrated an absolute pleasure, while the pretty blue strap makes it easy to tote around.

Poketo Accordion Pro Filer
Poketo Accordion Pro Filer $48

Stay on top of your paper game with this nifty filer that comes with multiple compartments to let you organize your documents like a pro. As for the bright colors? That's just an added bonus.

Anglepoise Original 1227 Brass Desk Lamp
Rejuvenation Anglepoise Original 1227 Brass Desk Lamp $380

This pretty task lamp in blue is a powerhouse when turned on, and the perfect pop of bright when turned off.

kate spade new york Strike Gold File Organizer
Kate Spade New York Strike Gold File Organizer $48

Imagine this minimal yet mighty acrylic organizer neatly stacked with folders, mails, and sheets of paper regally sitting atop your tidy desk. That's a pretty sweet picture, isn't it?

Fruitsuper Anywhere Vases
Fruitsuper Fruitsuper Anywhere Vases Set of Three $38

These perforated shapes let you transform any object into a stunning vase. Simply top a vessel with any of these converters, add a stalk of lavender or even a blade of grass and you have an artful piece of decor to dress up your worktable.

CB2 Gilded File Holder
CB2 Gilded File Holder $25 $20

From stacking your tablet to your miscellaneous folders, this minimal yet stylist file holder can dress up the drabbest of offices desks.

Anthropologie Codify Pencil Holder
Anthropologie Codify Pencil Holder $54

A touch of bronze goes a long way in lifting up the dullest of workspaces. This sleek, multipurpose holder is roomy enough to hold your favorite pens and highlighters to even paper clips and staplers.

Greenery NYC Pilea Peperomiodes $12

If this isn't the cutest desk plant you've ever seen, we don't know what is. Pick a pot in your favorite color and watch these cuties thrive even in medium light conditions. Just make sure you water them once every week.

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