Jeremiah Brent Gave My Desk a Major Makeover—This Is What Happened

Updated 06/20/17
Brittany Ambridge

How much time do you spend at the office? If the stats are anything to go by, you're there a lot more than you are at home. According to a Forbes report, "21% of Americans now work between 50 to 59 hours with 18% taking their weekly quota to 60 hours plus." So if you're going to spend that much time away from your family and friends, why not make it count? Just like your home impacts your mood, a pretty workspace can ramp up your productivity (not to mention clear your headspace).

On a personal note, my workspace was in desperate need of a fashionable upgrade. As a working mom, I want to know that the time I spend away from my family is just as cherished as it is when I'm with them, so I called on celebrity interior designer Jeremiah Brent to give my desk a much-needed makeover. As a fellow working parent, he "really understands the importance of elevating your workspace to be something you want to work in; otherwise, I'd rather be playing with my daughter in the other room."

Making sure your workspace is pretty and productive is key for Brent. "I really believe anything you do should be an extension of who you are, so even your workspace—why not have it pretty so when you show up every day you're happy to be there and you can emotionally connect to the space that you're working in?" We couldn't agree more. Watch the video below to see how Brent transformed my desk.

Shop the gallery below for all of Brent's office essentials.

Nate Berkus for Target $66

Light up your space with a stylish table lamp. The warm glow will help to balance out those stark office fluoro lights.

Aura Ivory With Rose Gold Trim Frame $399

We spend more time at work than we do at home with our family, so why not bring them to the office every day? The new digital Aura Frame connects with your loved ones via a handy app so they can send you images throughout the day. Never feel the distance again.

"The most important thing for me are photos," said Jeremiah. "It's a cool way to really personalize your space because nothing makes you feel more in the moment then when you look over and see those memories that you have."

To set your desk or home office up with this cool frame, type MYDOMAINE20 at the checkout for 20% off.

eBay Pyrite Rock Mineral Stone $15

Jeremiah is the "the bougiest hippie you'll ever meet," so crystals are a mainstay for his office space. Add some gold pyrite to bring a touch of sparkle and some of Mother Nature's healing energy. 

Nate Berkus for Target Letter Opener $8

Keep it old school and have a handy letter opener on your desk. This one serves a productive purpose while still looking pretty.

Nate Berkus for Target Hammered Letter Sorter $13

Are you overwhelmed with papers? Keep them organized in a chic file and make clutter a thing of the past.

Nate Berkus for Target Clipboard $10

No office is complete without a handy clipboard. With all the digital surrounding us now, it's nice to have these classic pieces around. 

Sugar Single Pearl Tassel Necklace $150

Dress up your workspace with a decorate tassel necklace.

Nate Berkus for Target Hammered Pencil Cup $7

This chic hammered gold cup will keep all your pens in one place. 

Nate Berkus for Target Limited Edition Swingline 747 Stapler $16

Every desk needs a stapler, so why not have it in gold? This is how every office worker should bind two pieces of paper together.

Nate Berkus for Target Stainless Steel Scissors $17

Keeping within the gold theme, this pair of scissors will add that chic air of authority to any workspace. 

Mapleton Drive Small Point Quartz $65

Quartz is Jeremiah's favorite crystal. It has a healing energy and looks super pretty too.

Nate Berkus for Target Tabletop File With 5 pc Hanging Folders $13

It's time to clear away the mess and get organized once and for all. This file system is chic enough to sit on your desk or underneath if you don't have room. 

Nate Berkus for Target Leather Tassel Garland $20

Jeremiah loves to add a little "jewelry" to your office space. This leather tassel is the perfect decorative accent.

Nate Berkus for Target File Folders $6

Don't head to the next meeting with boring lined paper. Keep it filed away in a sleek folder.

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