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19 Easy and Stylish Desk Organization Ideas


Flor Tanit

While the future of working from home may be in limbo, your office supplies don't have to be. Whether you have the most 'gram-worthy WFH set-up or you're just trying to find your highlighter, implementing an organizational system for your desk is easier than you think.

The key to an organized space is having a dedicated place for each item. Your computer, your writing utensils, your paperwork: they all need a space to sleep at the end of the day. But, that dedicated place doesn't have to be a bore.

Read on to explore 19 easy and stylish desk organization ideas.

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Add a Pegboard



A small pegboard is one of the easiest ways to get clutter off your desk and into a place where it can stay organized. Want to add a pop of color to your office? Try painting your pegboard a soft accent color or opting for a natural wooden look instead.

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Or Try Wire Board


Andy Studies Lang

Pegboard not your style? There are plenty of ways to display lists and inspirational reminders vertically. This white wire board is a great way to keep photos, lists, and other papers organized without taking up too much wall space.

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Think Digitally



Does an old-school monthly calendar take up too much real estate on your desk? Jenna from Workspacery opted to display her calendar on her desktop. This frees up her desk for other office items while still keeping her calendar highly visible.

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Make It Mobile


Sage Organization

Perhaps your living room couch is your desk, or you just like to work from different spots in your home. Does that mean you have to sacrifice an organization system? Absolutely not.

“A rolling cart gives your home office the freedom to go wherever you need to work," professional organizer and owner of Sage Organization, Jolin Polasek, says. Now, you really have no excuses.

rolling cart
The Container Store White 3-Tier Rolling Cart $35.00
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Always Measure


Sage Organization

When you are picking out your organizational products, it's always ideal to maximize your space. For example, choose organizers that fit snug end-to-end in desk drawers.

“If you’re going to get organizers, take the time to measure your space before purchasing," Polasek says. "Make sure what you’re getting will fit your unique space.” 

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Try a New Take on Wire Baskets


NEAT Method New York City

Wire baskets have been around the block, but this take on the old favorite has us doing a double-take. These matte black metal perforated baskets give you a peek of what's inside, but are forgiving if your items tend to shift after a day's work of shuffling through papers or supplies.

Neat Method Perforated Baskets $28.00
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Add a Personal Touch


Design Tales

There's no right or wrong way to organize your space, but if you're opting for mostly white organizers, adding personal touches such as flowers or artwork you love can help level up your design game and add a pop of color.

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Add a Chic Filing System


NEAT Method New York City

No outdated green filing cabinets here. By opting to utilize open shelving, Louisa Roberts of NEAT Method New York City takes advantage of the top shelves for smaller items but doesn't lose any space in the middle. She fully implements a filing system using magazine holders.

If finding a stylish filing system has you stumped, this is a chic, accessible hack for file organization.

The Container Store Bigso White Stockholm Magazine Holder $10.00
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Go Gray


NEAT Method New York City

While mixing wild colors may take away from the calmness that comes with an organized space, mixing soft neutrals such as gray and white can up your style game while keeping your space peaceful and your things put away.

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Opt for Clear Organizers


NEAT Method New York City

However, if you are already working with bold-colored accessories or office supplies, opting for clear organizers can help showcase your fun desk accessories while still keeping them appropriately separated.

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Utilize Door Space


NEAT Method New York City

Is your desk tucked away in a hallway or attached to your kitchen island? If so, then you might need to get creative when choosing where to store your supplies. Utilizing the back of a hallway door or small closet is a great option to maximize your small space organization.

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Stay Unique to Your Space

washi tape

Geegee Tea

Every home office is different, and the items you need an organization system for are unique to you—case and point: washi tape. Not everyone needs tiny shelves to organize their washi tape, but this is a lovely way to display them if you do.

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Stick to Your Color Palette


JM Studies

Opting to stick inspirational items or lists directly onto the wall is a popular move. Still, something so small as using stickers in your chosen color palette can help the space appear intentional, calm, and organized.

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Or Try All White


NEAT Method Vancouver

All white organizers are a popular choice for a reason. They look simple, they look clean, and if something is out of place, it's immediately noticeable. Depending on your organizational upkeep, that could be a great thing or not so great.

Mixing in other décor items in the same color palette as your organizational items helps keep the vibe calm and peaceful.

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Mix New and Vintage


NEAT Method Vancouver

Sometimes, you already have a jar or glass that holds your pens perfectly. Unless you're going for a strictly uniformed organizational look, there's no need to buy new. Use what you have and mix it in with other new organizational items that have been bought to fit specific office supplies, such as the above baskets.

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Put It in Full View


NEAT Method Vancouver

Yes, you could put all of these paints in a drawer, but why not let the supplies do the talking? This hanging organization method is not only a beautiful way to display these paints, but it gives the artist easy access (and easy put-back) when working on their projects.

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Find a Filing System That Works for You


NEAT Method Vancouver

These pull-out file drawers allow for minimal viewing, easy access, and simple sorting. While some might opt to place paperwork in magazine holders or boxes and baskets, this particular filing system allows for everyday access while still taking up only a small amount of space on this desktop.

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Have a Dedicated Space for Everything


Flor Tanit

Whether you're purchasing a ton of products from your favorite home office store or slowly gathering items you love, the key to organization is that you have a dedicated space for everything.

Placing your headphones in the same spot at the end of each day or always returning your camera to its perch will help you avoid desk chaos. Not everything has to have a particular box, but each item does need a thoughtful, dedicated space.

Organizational items don't have to be boring. Don't be afraid to opt for a little color or something that makes your heart sing—just make sure to measure your space before making product purchases and always have a dedicated spot for all of your office supplies.