4 Classic Dessert Recipes Everyone Should Know How to Bake

Elizabeth Chambers Hammer is the CEO and founder of San Antonio, Texas–based Bird Bakery, which specializes in crafting decadent culinary classics with a Texan twist. If you're on the hunt for the perfect pecan pie or blueberry cobbler, Hammer's down-home recipes will summon the taste of your childhood favorites. Here she gives us a peek at four of Bird Bakery's most popular items that are sure to satisfy any sweet tooth this season.

If summer is meant for entertaining, then summer gatherings are meant to end with a great dessert. If you're new to baking, you'll want to make sure you've got the basics covered first. There's nothing guests love more than topping off the night with rich, warm brownies or the subtle sweetness of carrot cake. Here, I put together four of the most popular offerings at Bird Bakery—because the classics never go out of style. Try your hand at the favorites guests just can't resist.

What is your favorite go-to treat to whip up for guests?