5 Amazing Destinations Where the Dollar Is Strong

  1. South Africa: The exchange rate today is $1 USD to 15 ZAR. Five years ago it was $1 USD to 6.73 ZAR. According to Money, “A four-day luxury lodge safari trip in Kruger National Park is around 15,000 ZAR. In 2010, that would have been $2225 USD, but today it’s only around $965 USD!”
  2. Russia: The exchange rate is $1 USD to 70 RUB. “The Russian ruble fell drastically at the end of 2014, and while this isn’t great for Russians,” says Money, “it is excellent for those of us who have always wanted to visit this vast and beautiful country.” To take the legendary Trans-Siberian train ride from Moscow to Ulan Bator in 2010, it would have cost you $1160 for a first-class ticket. Today the same ticket is just $498.
  3. Brazil: The exchange rate is $1 USD to 3.95 BRL. Want to go to the Olympics this summer? If the Brazilian economy continues to spiral downward, the 2016 games could be a great budget destination. In 2010, a three-star hotel room in Brazil was $138; today rooms are less than $35.
  4. Japan: The exchange rate is $1 USD to 122 JPY. In 2010, traveling to Japan was outrageously expensive. However, today the dollar gets 33% more than it did five years ago. A guided hike to the top of Mount Fuji costs around 47,000 yen, which translates to $385. In 2010, it cost $573.
  5. European countries using the euro: The exchange rate is $1 USD to 0.92 EUR. Now is a great time to travel to Europe! Whether you want to visit Greece, Spain, Italy, or France, the dollar is 17% stronger than the euro. As Money puts it, “There hasn’t been a cheaper time for Americans to visit Europe in over a decade. This is the perfect time to explore one of the most fascinating continents on Earth.”

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Have you recently traveled to a place where the dollar is strong? What was your experience like?