The 9 Foods That'll Instantly Detox Your Body

Photo: Original Illustration by Stephanie DeAngelis

Be honest. Did your liver enjoy the holiday weekend as much as you did? If you had to think, we’re here to offer your body some low-intensity detox rituals that promise to yield some majorly positive results. There’s no need to go to extremes to get your system back in fighting shape. We’re not knocking the juice cleanse trend. It works. It’s just that we’re still basking in the relaxing afterglow of chill holiday vibes. Enter our list of easy, naturally detoxifying foods.

To keep things as effortless as possible, we’ve assembled a list of the nine most powerful detox foods to purify your system. These powerhouse ingredients are full of antioxidants, minerals, and essential vitamins to gently cleanse your system. Add a serving of each to your mealtime habits, and your liver will seriously thank you. From increased energy to flawless skin, get ready to revel in immediate results. The best part? It’s going to require precious little effort. We’re all about getting the maximum return on your investments.