A Nutritionist Shares the Only 3 Detoxifying Foods Worth Eating

The web is so oversaturated with health and nutrition advice that it's hard to decipher fact from fiction—which is why we always pay particular attention when we're given wellness advice straight from the mouth of a nutritionist. Most recently, all-natural sports nutritionist and My Body+Soul contributor Steph Lowe shared her go-to detox foods when looking to rid her body of toxins.

According to Lowe, nothing can replace good old-fashioned lemon water, a touch of apple cider vinegar, or psyllium, a natural fiber, when it comes to cleaning out your liver. "The liver is one of our most important organs as its main function is detoxification, which helps to clear toxins from the blood," says Lowe. "When the liver is working efficiently, it also secrets optimum levels of bile which increases breakdown of fats, where additional toxins are stored."

Lemon water stimulates the liver, speeding up the detoxifying process while simultaneously jump-starting your digestive system and priming your body for nutrient absorption. Similarly, apple cider vinegar is full of enzymes that prompt detoxification in your liver, but it also acts as a cleanser, capable of killing off harmful bacteria in the gut. Finally, Lowe recommends adding psyllium husks to your morning smoothie in order to pull toxins through your body while filling you up in the process.

What are your go-to detox foods? Share your picks with us below!