Diane von Furstenberg's Best Career Advice Ever

Diane von Furstenberg is one of the most iconic figures in fashion, a success story to ignite success stories. Her entrepreneurialism, authenticity, and fierce bravery are absolutely inspiring. The daughter of a Belgian Holocaust survivor, she married into German royalty rather accidentally and is said to have made up her mind right then and there to endeavor to be very much a woman of her own making—not just a girl glamorously wed to a European prince. What followed can only be described as a phenomenon—her knit jersey wrap dress, first designed in 1972, was selling 25,000 units a week by 1976. To this day, Diane von Furstenberg continues to inspire us with her down-to-earth wisdom, acute business acumen, and generosity of spirit. Read on for some of her best career-minded advice of all time.