These 2019 Diaries Will Set You Up For the Most Organised Year of Your Life

Updated 11/27/18

We have just over a month left of 2018 and already, our January schedules are beginning to fill up. We could keep track of our commitments in the calendars on our phones, but writing a daily plan in a physical diary just feels more personal—and ensures you have a back-up if your phone breaks. 

So, to help get you organised for 2019, we've rounded up our 15 favourite diaries and planners that are so chic, you're going to want to display them on your work desk. Keep scrolling to find the perfect diary (or planner) to help you stay on top of your schedule in the new year. 

An Organised Life A5 Signature Diary And Pen Set $46

This diary is a favourite of Australian influencers like Sara Crampton. 

kikki.K A5 Bonded Leather Daily Diary $45

A simple diary that is no fuss and still looks sleek. 

kikki.K 2019 Leather Colour-Code Weekly Diary $50

If you love a bit of colour, this colour-coded planner should be at the top of your wish list. 

kikki.K 2019 A5 Weekly Diary: Inspiration $35

A diary with a simple pattern to liven up your desk. 

The Daily Edited Mist Grey 2019 Planner $140

A leather-bound planner will keep all of your loose papers together and make sure you have everything in one place. 

The Daily Edited Pale Pink A5 Diary 2019 $70

Anything from The Daily Edited is gorgeous, this planner is no exception. 

MiGoals 2019 Goal Digger Planner $45

MiGoals will give you the inspiration to stick to your New Year's Resolutions. 

MiGoals 2019 HC Diary $35

Whether you're a "goal digger" or just need a simple planner for the year, this diary will be your new go-to. 

Papier Demi Turquoise 2019 Diary $33

Papier makes beautiful planners with wonderful colour palettes. 

Mon Purse Saffiano Vegan Medium Diaries $69

Vegan leather diaries from Mon Purse will look chic and are ethically made. 

Smythson Soho 2019 croc-effect leather diary $258

If you have a lot of appointments to keep track of, you may as well buy a large planner, and why not splurge on one that's croc-embossed?

Smythson Panama Burlington 2019 textured-leather diary $133

If croc-embossed blue leather is a bit over-the-top for you, this more compact diary might be better suited to your schedule. 

Urban Outfitters Daily Planner Journal $25

Simple, bright and colourful. The three best words to describe almost anything from Urban Outfitters, including this planner. 

Typo Personalised 2019 A4 Weekly Buffalo Diary $30

Typo's brown diaries will not only keep you organised, they're perfect to give to your partner as well. 

Typo 2019 Organisational Planner $50 $35

An organisational planner that will make sure every minor detail is covered. 

Opening Image: An Organised Life 

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