3 "Healthy" Diet Tips That Make a Nutritionist Cringe

Updated 06/09/17

When developing a healthy eating plan, it seems like there are a lot of diet tips out there to draw from. Everyone has an opinion about sugar, carbs, and calorie intake, but as we sift through the noise, we often find that a lot of health-minded recommendations are contradictory. So where does a nutritionist stand when faced with these common "healthy" diet tips? Kathleen Alleaume, nutritionist, exercise scientist, and author of What's Eating You? Find Your Balance With Food, recently spilled to News.com.au the worst diet advice she's ever heard.

We've highlighted her top diet myths to ditch below so you can turn your eating plan around.

Counting calories: Not all calories are created equal, so planning your diet around a number rather than nutritional value isn't doing you any favors. "Calories are important for understanding portion control," but "taking a mathematical approach to weight loss is not the only factor in good nutrition and health," reminds Alleaume.

Going gluten-free: For those without celiac disease, "the problem is not the gluten—we eat too [many] processed foods made with refined grains, and not enough whole grains," explains Alleaume. She warns against adopting a gluten-free lifestyle for the wrong reasons and encourages focusing on consuming nutritious whole foods versus avoiding gluten entirely.

Some sugars are better than others: When we opt for "sugar-free" alternatives, these products are often harboring other harmful ingredients as substitutes. Alleaume warns against excessive consumption of any type of sweetener, even natural ones like honey and coconut sugar that "may be 'less bad' than regular sugar, but definitely not something you should eat in large amounts."

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