The Most Common Dieting Mistake People Make (According to J.Lo's Trainer)

Updated 05/17/18
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As far as celebrity trainers go, Gunnar Peterson is arguably the most well-known. He's worked with the likes of Kim, Khloé, and Kourtney Kardashian; Jennifer Lopez; Sophia Vergara; Angelina Jolie; and more. The Los Angeles–based trainer helps his celebrity clientele in and out of the gym, providing them with diet plans designed to supplement their workouts.

So when Peterson spoke with PopSugar about the most common dieting mistakes he sees, we were intrigued. "Probably the biggest mistake is that [dieters] eat too little too soon," he told the publication. "They don't pare down their calories, so they make drastic drops. And then, of course, your body's going to respond to that, but then it'll level off, and then frustration sets in."

Generally speaking, he cautions against jumping on any diet trend too quickly and suggests steering clear of any eating plans that ask you to skip meals or cut out entire food groups. His focus is on sustainability. "For example, make the decision to eat more whole foods and less sugar, and start cooking more," he explains. "The more gradual changes you make in your diet, the more likely you are to see positive changes."

Additionally, Peterson wishes his clients would focus on the quality of the food they're eating, instead of just the quantity. "Maybe it's about eating better, eating at different times, combining your macros [protein, fat, and carbs] differently," he explains. "All those things play into it, and they're better served eating regular food than just diet food." In other words, don't reach for a processed pre-packaged snack just because it's only 150 calories. Always opt for whole fresh foods, even if the calorie count is higher.

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