You're Only 7 Rooms Away From Identifying Your Home Décor Style

Tell us your home décor style in three words—a simple question that few people are able to answer with accuracy. While we all might enjoy a little midcentury and a little Scandinavian, few of us can say that we fully identify with only one style. But knowing your design style is the first step in decorating a room—and one that should not be ignored. After all, how are you going to create the room of your dreams if you can't picture it?

Instead of tediously agonizing over how to decorate your room in a way that represents you, we decided to help and make it a game—simply scroll through seven different home décor styles that are on trend right now, pick your three favorites, and let us know what they are. Identifying your home décor style has never been easier. Don't start another decorating project without knowing your décor style—just pick your top three favorites, and create your own unique mix.


Different Home Décor Styles — Scandinavian
Elizabeth Roberts

If you're minimally inclined, chances are you love the sleek airy look of Scandinavian design. The Swedes and the Danes have perfected the art of ultimate editing and styling, so their spaces never look cluttered. Because of the nature of Scandi climate, the spaces are often kept light and bright, with layered neutrals ranging from beige to gray (and the occasional pop of color). The proliferation of modern design to come out of Denmark and Sweden also makes it easy to pick and choose furniture that will stand the test of time.

Wishbone Chair
Carl Hansen Wishbone Chair $599 $595


Different Home Décor Styles — Eclectic
Nicole Franzen

Do you find yourself struggling to keep a common thread in your space? Are you too busy collecting art, travel souvenirs, and vintage finds? Chances are you're a bit of an eclectic soul—and your space is a reflection of that. There's one trick to making your space feel coherent when decorating with different styles and periods: color. Try painting your walls, your moldings, and even your ceiling in one solid color, and keep your upholstered pieces in the same color scheme as well. Everything else will fall into place beautifully.

Eskayel Poolside Pillow $160


Different Home Décor Styles — Farmhouse
Nicole Franzen

Do you dream of weekends upstate spent preparing farm-to-table feasts in your rustic kitchen? Chances are that you have an affinity for farmhouse style. Whether light and bright, or dark and moody, this look has one main common thread: simple materials (some reclaimed). Think untreated wood finishes, simple neutral or muted colors, and matte metals. Other staples to consider include the ever-popular farmhouse sink, Shaker cabinets, and an industrial enamel pendant, which will all look at home in your country-inspired kitchen.

Barnlight Electric Porcelain White Bomber Shade $148


Different Home Décor Styles — Transitional
Nicole Franzen

You sway between traditional and modern and have difficulty picking one or the other. Like Nate Berkus, you tend to err on the side of timelessness for some staples like curtain styles and kitchen materials. But when it comes to furniture, you love the look of modern pieces with interesting shapes and clean lines. How European of you! Bonus: Your space is unlikely to ever go out of style if you play your cards right. 

Boomerang Sofa
West Elm Boomerang Sofa $2600 $1999


Different Home Décor Styles — Mediterranean
Nicole Franzen

Do you frequently dream of leaving the rat race and buying a house in Formentera or Santorini? You probably appreciate Mediterranean design sensibilities. In your space, keep your colors light and neutral, and instead focus on texture: whitewashed walls, terra-cotta accents, white furniture, billowy linen, and natural materials like rattan and jute. If you can, consider even painting your floors a glossy white. We promise it's possible to make your space feel like a European vacation even if you live in the heart of a city.

Studio Laura Strasser Quadrature

Studio Laura Strasser Quadrature (price on request)


Different Home Décor Styles — Coastal
Tessa Neusdtadt ; DESIGN: Amber Interiors

Do you wish you owned a house in a quaint beach town like Montauk or Malibu? Similar to the Mediterranean style, this one embraces a carefree beachy lifestyle. The only difference: The décor skews a little less European and a little more all-American: Blue-and-white stripes, natural materials, and vintage textiles reign supreme with coastal décor. Other possible iterations include high-gloss white wall paneling, brass nautical nods, and beach photography—anything you can do to make it feel like you're coming home from the beach.

One Kings Lane Pennswood Rug $99


Different Home Décor Styles — Midcentury
Nicole Franzen

Is Palm Spring your idea of paradise? Do you collect vintage modern furniture? You probably have a penchant for midcentury décor. Characterized by large, minimal open spaces and the first iterations of modern furniture as we know it, this style is pared back in nature, but it's not minimal. George Nelson lighting and Eames chairs are de mise, but bold jewel tones and fluffy patterned shag rugs are also encouraged. Just channel Mad Men interiors, and you'll be on the right track.

Nelson™ Saucer Pendant Lamp
Modernica Nelson Saucer Pendant Lamp $295

What is your décor style in three words? Share yours with us, and let us know if it's accurate.

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