These Bedtime Rituals Are Tough to Adopt but Totally Worth It

Whether it’s brushing your teeth or finishing off your favorite page-turner, everybody has their own bedtime rituals—the things they do in those precious moments before it’s time go to sleep. But according to a new story from Business Insider, there are certain habits that are harder to adopt but can have a lasting impact on how the following day plays out.

One of those hard-to-adopt habits is segmenting, which is best described as the act of detaching oneself from the pressures of work. It’s a skill that some of the most successful people in the world possess, according to international business speaker Michael Kerr. Try giving yourself a prolonged moment in between your last work-related task and the time you go to bed, a technique that will have you feeling less stressed the following day.

A good way to detach from the stresses of your job is by unplugging completely. According to research, “blue light from your phone mimics the brightness of the sun, which tells your brain to stop producing melatonin,” a crucial hormone when it comes to regulating your sleep pattern. That kind of imbalance can lead to major health risks like depression, trouble with your eyesight, and even cancer.

Perhaps the most challenging of all the before-bed habits that will change your life is giving up your nightcap. Research shows that alcohol can greatly affect the quality of sleep by keeping people “in the lighter stages of sleep from which they can be awakened easily.”

For more hard-to-adopt bedtime rituals check out Business Insider.

What are your most effective bedtime rituals?