An IKEA Expert Says Styling Your Home Like This Is a Digital Detox

Expert Says Styling Your Home Like This Is a Digital Detox

When it comes to working on our relationships, we’re often thinking about how we can improve them with our partners, or our families. But less often do we spend time working on the relationship we have with our homes. It’s one thing to purchase the trending ottoman for the season, in an attempt to upgrade the space, but taking a moment to think about ways you can cultivate a mindful abode as you leave your workday at the door can take a little more effort. To help us in our constant quest to unplug and refresh, we spoke to IKEA Australia’s interior designer, Tabitha Krygsman about how we can practically style our homes in a way that encourages rest. 

It's no surprise that the main culprit in our inability to switch off is technology, but Krygsman suggests that this relationship can be complicated, and sometimes, it can be used in design to help us find our zen. "Now more than ever, IKEA is looking to create and use more multi-functional products that will be able to cater to and embrace the role of technology in our homes" Below, Krygsman shares her tips for juggling technology, and creating a space that makes it easy to digital detox when needed.


Eliminating technology from your home entirely can feel impractical, so Krygsman suggests allocating smaller spaces into tech-free nooks. "According to the 2017 Life at Home Report, Australian’s believe it is a challenge to find the right balance when using tech in the home. Syncing technology seamlessly into our lives as it develops is riveting but also daunting, but finding the right balance can be achievable with the right frame of mind. The report also found that 14 percent of Australians feel guilty about the time they spend on social media. This can be solved by dedicating areas to the home for down time and unwinding 'the quiet corner'. Storage of these technologies when not in use can also assist to achieve balance between the tech world and the present world."


If space is an issue, creating specific tech-free times (particularly if you’re a parent) can help ration how much time you’re looking at a screen. "Try putting restrictions on use of technology at the dinner table to allow time for conversations and concentration when sitting together as a family. Even designating spaces that are cosy, inviting and relaxing for kids to do activities in the play area like reading and crafts can help to break up the use of technology."


According to Krygsman all technology isn’t the enemy, and it can also be used to help foster rest. "The type of lighting that you use in spaces where technology is frequently used impacts the experience you have and the comfort level. We suggest soft diffused lighting around the TV to help to reduce the strain. Consider floor lamps behind/next to you when using a laptop or screen device."


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