4 Tips on How to Travel Full Time and Have a Successful Career

Going on an Eat Pray Love–style traveling stint is everyone’s dream. But there are two main hurdles that prevent us all from packing up our bags: money and career. Obvious financial considerations aside, the concern of having to choose between traveling and climbing the career ladder is one every wanderlust traveler faces. If you let go of your rung on the career ladder, will you have to start from the bottom when you return?

A decade ago, maybe. In the modern, post–Wi-Fi world? Hardly. The digital nomad movement—comprised of location-independent people who work from anywhere as long as they have a laptop and an internet connection—means many professionals don’t have to give up a successful career to pick up and leave. In fact, you can fast-track your career by forming global contacts, gain inspiration that translates to out-of-the-box ideas, and learn how to face unique challenges as a self-reliant problem solver.

As internet speed and tech developments improve, working remotely is easier than ever, and more companies are outsourcing to freelancers—recent research estimates that 40% of Americans will be freelance by 2020. Combine that with travel being more affordable than ever, plus the boom of co-working spaces, and it’s no wonder the digital nomad is a trend on the rise.

Tempted to trade your cubicle for a hammock in Bali or a café in Berlin? Four women living the digital nomad dream share their best advice for making it happen.

Diversify Your Skills