My Plus One: Dina Broadhurst and Max Shepherd

Dina Broadhurst and Max Shepherd
Jasmine and Will

Welcome to My Plus One, where we get personal with our favourite couples to find out everything from what they love most about each other, how they met, where they shared their first kiss, and everything in-between. Today, we chatted with Australian artist and photographer Dina Broadhurst, and her partner Max Shepherd. The pair were photographed together for the first time, as part of Jasmine and Will's latest sleepwear campaign. 

Dina Broadhurst's art and photography has become well-known across Australia, with her work appearing in campaigns for Westfield, Country Road and Sir the Label, as well as in the homes of influencers like Carmen Hamilton and Rachelle Rowlings. 

On Instagram, you'll regularly see photos of Broadhurst travelling the world with her son Leo, and partner Max Shepherd. We asked the couple about their adventures, how they met, and the songs that make them think of each other. 

Dina Broadhurst and Max Shepherd
Jasmine and Will

MYDOMAINE: What do you think are you partner’s best traits? 

DINA BROADHURST: Kind, but strong in every way, and a great communicator of his emotions. 

MAX SHEPHERD: Loving and supportive, as both a partner and a best friend.

What’s their guilty pleasure? 

DB: Chocolate soufflés at midnight.

MS: Mochas and popcorn.

What makes them laugh the most? 

DB: Me not taking myself too seriously, trying to make him laugh and funny random daily life stuff.

MS: My sense of humour. As only someone who loves you could find it funny. 

What is your favourite thing to do together? 

DB: Head to the beach and swim, watch movies and plan where we will go next.

MS: Cuddling up to movies in bed, weekends away and family time with her incredible little son Leo.

What’s the best date you’ve shared together? 

DB: Glamping in Jervis Bay in the freezing cold.

MS: I’d have to agree, hot water bottles and glamping in a cozy bed together In Jervis Bay.

How did you meet? 

DB: He contacted me on Instagram to buy some art for his home.

MS: I reached out to her to buy some art for my place.

Do you remember what one another was wearing when you first met? 

DB: He had black jeans on and a black t-shirt. I also had a black t-shirt and blue jeans on... but the second time we had to meet up I made sure to dress so casual as I didn’t want him to be interested.

MS: She was in jeans and a black shirt and then she turned up in very casual t-shirt and denim shorts trying to deter... Not that it worked. 

What’s their worst habit? 

DB: Stubborn.

MS: More stubborn than myself. 

If you had to pick a song to describe your partner, what would it be and why?

DB: Childish Gambino's version of So Into You. It reminds me of sitting up late into the night listening to music together in those early days.

MS: Let Me Love You by Slash. Reminds me of exploring the back roads of Ibiza together in endless laughter and love. 

Dina Broadhurst and Max Shepherd
Jasmine and Will

Do you remember the first thing you said to each other? 

DB: I remember he said he had seen me many years ago on a beach and remembered me with my son and what I was wearing.

MS: That I’d seen her once one a beach before and hoped that one day we would get to meet in person. 

What’s your favourite memory of one another? 

DB: My favourite memory is him cooking me the tastiest squid ink pasta with prawns and it was so cute he had bought two different brands of every ingredient to make sure it was perfect.

MS: My favourite memory would have to be hiring a boat with her and exploring the coast of Sardinia over a picnic and some great tunes.

Where did you first kiss? 

DB: After one of our first dates to the movies, he drove me home and we kissed in the car. I then asked him to turn the car back around.

MS: After our first date in the front seat of my car. It was at that point I knew something special was about to evolve. 

How would you describe your partner to other people? 

DB: He has a beautiful energy and makes everyone feel a part of it around him. 

MS: She is extremely loving and has a very infectious smile. 

Favourite Jasmine and Will piece?

DB: The Atrani Green Velvet Two-Piece Jacket and Pant Set, that is so boudoir, but also a stand out pant suit to wear out!

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