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29 Dining Room Curtain Ideas That Add the Perfect Finishing Touch

A dining room with wooden furniture and chocolate brown curtains

Katie Hodges Design

Window treatments put the finishing touches on any space—your dining room, included. A great set of curtains can add privacy to your dining room, making it feel cozier and more remote. Curtains can also give you more control over your lighting set-up, allowing you to adjust the ambiance of your room with ease. And of course, curtains can make a striking addition to your décor scheme, inviting you to play with colors, textures, and prints you haven’t yet explored in your space.

Framed this way, dining room curtains sound like an absolute dream. And while they often are, shopping for them can be a little less idyllic. There are so many different styles to choose from—so many colors, prints, and textures to consider—and don’t forget about pleats and opacities, too!

With options abound, it can be tough to imagine what might look good in your space. Thankfully, dining room curtains are such a classic décor choice that there’s no shortage of inspiration to pull from.

Ahead, we’ve rounded up 29 striking, curtain-lined dining rooms—and we’ve cited a dining room curtain idea worth stealing from each of them.

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Bring a New Color Into Your Space

A dining room decorated with olive green curtains

Ashley Montgomery Design

When choosing curtains for your dining room—or any room, for that matter—it can be tempting to stick with the colors that are already in your space. But if you want your drapes to make a statement, consider adding a new shade to your palette, instead. The pop of color is sure to turn heads, and if you pick a shade that’s not too vibrant, it shouldn’t overwhelm your space.

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Add Personality With a Fun Print

A kitchen table decorated with yellow woven chairs and pastel blue printed Roman shades

Design: Whitney Campeau Interiors, Photo: Amy Bartlam

When many of us go to buy window treatments, we consider color and texture—and completely neglect print. But, patterned curtains can make an eye-catching addition to your space, and since printed curtains are available in all kinds of different colors, you can go as striking or as subtle as you want to.

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Draw the Eye Upward With Extra-Tall Curtains

A dining room with white walls and white curtains that have been hung extra-high

LeClair Decor

Most interior designers will tell you to hang your curtains high—at least several inches above a window. But, if you want to kick the drama up a notch, consider hanging them even higher.

Draw attention to tall ceilings by hanging your curtains way above your windows. It might take some digging to find curtains long enough to pull this off, but any show-stopping choice is worth a little extra effort.

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Go Bold With Your Color and Your Print

A light pink dining room decorated with emerald green printed curtains

Mary Patton Design

You might think pairing a vibrant color with a bold print is a recipe for disaster. But more often than not, the details play well together, complementing each other rather than clashing.

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Draw Attention to a Bay Window

A dining room inside a room with a curtain-lined bay window

Design: Four Point Design Build, Photo: Amy Bartlam

Curtains aren’t just designed for simple rectangular windows. So if your dining room is framed by a sprawling bay window, don’t give up hope just yet. You can snag a curtain rod that traces the edges of a curved bay window.

Or, if your window is semi-hexagonal or semi-octagonal, you can use a series of short curtain rods to get the job done.

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Add Texture With a Set of Simple White Drapes

An all-white dining room with matching white curtains

Afro Bohemian Living

If your dining room feels a little bare, consider hanging a set of simple white drapes. Instead of adding color to your space, the drapes will add texture to it—giving your eyes yet another thing to look at each time you step into your space.

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Use Black Roller Shades to Adjust the Ambiance

A dining room with windows lined with black roller shades

Ashley Montgomery Design

There are plenty of reasons to buy curtains—and not all of them have to do with décor. Curtains can also be a great way to adjust the ambiance in your space. And if you want precise control over the natural light streaming through your windows, a classic set of black roller shades is sure to deliver it.

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Break Up Dark Walls With Crisp White Drapes

A dining room lined with blue printed wallpaper and white curtains

Bespoke Only

White curtains make a classic addition to white-filled spaces, but they can look just as great in darker, more colorful rooms, too. Instead of adding continuity to the room, they’ll offer contrast, breaking up the blocks of color or print lining your walls.

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Take a Risk on a Prominent Pleat

A dining room decorated with white, prominently pleated curtains

Blue Copper Design

There’s a lot to think about when it comes to curtains—color, print, texture, hardware, height. But, be sure not to overlook a curtain’s pleat. Different curtains are pleated in different ways, and those pleats will ultimately affect how your curtains look.

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Frame Every Window on a Window-Lined Wall

A dining room filled with large windows, all of which are decorated with white curtains

Tyler Karu

Hanging curtains on every single window may seem like overkill, especially if you’re decorating a window-filled space. But, if you stick with a simple print and a subtle color, you’re likely to end up with something sleek and striking rather than overwhelming.

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Consider Your Curtains and Your Curtain Rod

A black, white, and gray dining room with white curtains hung from a black curtain rod

Devon Grace Interiors

Your curtains have to be hung from something—typically, a curtain rod. And if that curtain rod is going to be visible, you should put some thought into selecting it. You can choose a curtain rod that matches your curtains, or opt for one that adds contrast.

One striking approach? Match your curtains to one element in your space, and match your curtain rod to another.

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Add Drama With Dark Drapes

A dining room with wooden furniture and chocolate brown curtains

Katie Hodges Design

Decorating with dark drapes is like painting your walls a dark color: intimidating, but incredibly pretty when done right. And remember, you don’t have to commit to bold black. Instead, you can add drama with a softer dark color, like navy, charcoal, or chocolate brown.

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Pair Sleek Furniture With an Eye-Catching Print

A dining room with sleek furniture and traditional printed curtains

Tyler Karu

Curtains are often used to add cohesion to a space. But, they can just as effectively add contrast. If your dining room is filled with sleek modern furniture, consider balancing things out with an eye-catching—and maybe even traditional—print.

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Let Light in With Sheer White Curtains

A dining room with a large glass wall, partially blocked off with a sheer white curtain


Love the look of curtains, but don’t want to block light from your space? Snag a set of sheers. Voile curtains are designed to let plenty of sun in, while still giving you the elegant accent you’re looking for.

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Hang Lighter Drapes in a Darker Room

A forest green dining room decorated with lighter green printed curtains

Mary Patton Design

If your dining room is already pretty dark, you may think curtains are out of the question. But, by hanging a lighter set, you can add a welcome dose of contrast. And if those curtains happen to be printed, you can add some visual interest, too.

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Pick Roman Shades With Pizzazz

A brick-lined dining room decorated with striped Roman shades

Tyler Karu

Roman shades may not be as eye-catching as traditional curtains, but that doesn’t mean they can’t be fun. By snagging a printed Roman shade, you can control the light in your space and make the room more dynamic—in an unexpected way, no less.

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Add Privacy With a Panel Curtain

A dining room, flanked by a white panel curtain lining one wall

House of Harvee

You may not be hanging your curtains for décor or for ambiance control. Instead, you may just want a little privacy. Some windows are ill-placed, and if you’re craving a more secluded dining room, a sheer panel curtain can help you get there—without disrupting the look of (or light in) your space.

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Pick a Print That Complements Your Dining Room Rug

A dining room with a hexagonal-lined textured rug and matching hexagonal printed curtains

LeClair Decor

There’s no denying it: choosing a print for your dining room curtains can get tough. One no-fail approach? Take cues from the patterns that are already in your space. Snag a set of curtains that match your dining room rug. If the two share similar shapes and colors, they’re bound to play well together.

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Add Glamour With Wall-to-Wall Drapes

A dining room with a large window flanked by thick gray curtains that run from window to wall

Katherine Carter

Your curtains don’t have to stop inches away from your window. Instead, they can run from wall to window on one side—and from window to wall on the other. This approach will leave you with wall-to-wall drapes that are undeniably striking. Just be sure to snag the drapes in a color that you don’t mind seeing in large doses.

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Pair Woven Furniture With Woven Roman Shades

A dining room with woven pendant lights, woven chairs, and woven Roman shades

Becca Interiors

Drapes are typically crafted from fabric, but if you’re stocking up on Roman shades, you’ll have a few more options. If your dining room is filled with woven furniture, consider snagging a set of woven Roman shades to match. The textures should pair beautifully together, and the unexpected touch should make an eye-catching addition to your space.

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Pick Curtains a Shade Darker Than Your Walls

A dining room with white walls and off-white curtains

Blue Copper Design

If colorful curtains feel too bold and white curtains feel too bland, rest assured knowing you’re not out of options. By hanging a set of curtains that are just a shade darker than your walls, you can add visual interest without altering your space too much.

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Use Neutral Drapes to Balance Out a Colorful Space

An emerald green dining room with coral decor and light brown drapes

Rikki Snyder

Curtains can be a great way to add a pop of color to your space, but what if your palette is already loaded with punchy colors? Well, add a pop of neutrals, instead.

Look for curtains that are muted enough to balance out your palette, but also dark enough to hold their own against the boldest elements in the room.

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Introduce a New Accent Print

A dining room with a striped rug and graphically printed curtains

Sarah Fultz Interiors

Pops of color are fine and dandy, but pops of print can be just as fun. If you're looking for a way to add contrast—without bringing a new color into your palette—introduce a brand new print to your home. And don’t feel the need to use it anywhere else.

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Remember to Dress Your Doors

A dining room flanked by a set of glass doors, which have been framed with white curtains

Pure Salt Interiors

Window treatments and doors may seem like a strange pair. (They are called window treatments, after all.) But, glass doors are basically really big windows. Don’t hesitate to drape a set of curtains over your doors—just make sure they’re tall enough and wide enough to stay out of the way.

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Cozy Up Your Space With Gray Drapes

A dining room with black, navy, and brown decor and gray drapes

Gray Space Interiors

If your dining room is filled with dark colors, dark drapes may seem repetitive, white drapes may seem too flimsy, and colorful drapes may seem out of place. But gray drapes should be just enough in every direction—and while they balance out your space, they’ll lend it some coziness, too.

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Create Continuity With a Curved Curtain Rod

A dining room with sheer white curtains, mounted on a curved curtain rod

Calimia Home

Classic curtain rods are straight, and they hang from two hooks. But, if you don’t want much distance between your walls and your curtains, consider installing a curved curtain rod, instead. The unique shape will cause your curtains to come in direct contact with your walls—a look that’s particularly striking when your walls and curtains match.

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Keep It Simple With Curtains That Match Your Walls

A black and white dining room decorated with long white curtains that match the walls


If you know you want to hang some curtains—but your preferences stop there—consider snagging some drapes that match your walls. This simple choice will add interest to your space without dramatically changing it.

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Color-Coordinate Your Hardware

A dining room with printed curtains hung from a black iron curtain rod, which matches some of the other hardware in the room

Design: J. Kurtz Design, Photo: Amy Bartlam

One easy way to bring your space together? Match your curtain rod to the other hardware in your space. Color-coordinate your curtain rod, your light fixtures, your mirrors, your table legs—and any other metal details that appear in your space.

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Let Your Curtains Run From Ceiling to Floor

A dining room with black furniture and dark gray curtains that run from ceiling to floor

Laura Brophy Interiors

When it comes to window treatments, it can be tough to toe the line between too bold and not bold enough. But, there are a few easy ways to strike this balance. One of them? Snag a set of simple curtains, and let them run from ceiling to floor. The display will be inherently dramatic. But, since the curtains themselves are understated, they’ll balance the accent out.