The Zero-Cost Way to Give Your Dining Room New Life

Dining rooms are an oft underused space. In our busy modern lives, we tend to eat dinner at the kitchen counter, in front of the TV, at the restaurant—basically everywhere but the room where eating was intended. If you are one of the lucky ones that have a dining room in your home—or even if your dining area consists of a squeezed space between your kitchen counter and your sofa, we've got just the right tips to help you make the most out of the space. 

The key: Make it inviting, fill up the space with useful accent furniture, and ensure it's the most irresistible space in your home. With eye-catching furniture, layered dimmed lighting and comfortable seating, we bet you won't want to spend another evening away from your dining room. Best of all—you can achieve this dream space no matter the size of your room. It's all in having the right measurements to work with, and applying a few key rules. Ready to give your dining room a much-needed makeover? Follow these handy rules.